Minecraft project: Water & Lava Helix Attempt

My attempt of building the water & lava helix. I think I did a reasonable job. Please note that it is my first helix. Therefore it is not very impressive.

2013-09-07_01.26.53 2013-09-07_01.35.15 2013-09-07_02.04.07


3 thoughts on “Minecraft project: Water & Lava Helix Attempt

    • It was my first time building a helix. Yes, I could had made it bigger and made it look more impressive. I was more concerned with whether I could actually build a helix and one that actually worked. Obviously it looked lazy because I wasn’t interested in making it more visually appealing. I just wanted to be sure I could build a helix before I attempted making a more impressive one that looked less “lazy”.

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