Skyrim Mod: Silverfish Grotto

Time for a mod review in Skyrim, well player owned home anyway. I am not doing any skyrim quest type mods until I have finished the main quest line at least. Still unsure whether I want to wait till I finish Dawnguard (if it works this time) and Dragonborn. Really looking forward to playing the Dragonborn dlc.

All images belong to MannyGT unless stated otherwise.

Silverfish Grotto is a buyable player owned home-made by MannyGT. A very beautiful player owned home, I must say. I seen many impressive skyrim player homes but this is by far my favorite. It is situated between Dragon Bridge and Solitude. It is pretty expensive though, and the price of the home is influenced by your speech skill (and related perks). The location is not given to you, instead the map marker is revealed once you buy the house and go to the house the first time.

It is has upgrades so you can maximize the full potential of your home, along with 3 servants. A maid who will clean your house and whom you can send to buy food supplies, and two guards whom will patrol your grotto in day and night shifts respectively. You can also purchase a shrine to worship, however you can only buy one shrine (1 time deal only, the npc disappears after you buy the shrine), so make sure which divine you wish to worship in your home. Or just buy one for decorative purposes. I bought one for the aesthetic visual and for role-playing elements.

Features in the grotto area:

  •  Smithing area
  • Relax area
  • Shrine area
  • Shooting Range
  • Greenhouse Area
  • Servant quarters


Note: the greenhouse area’s scripts have nothing to do with the harvest system from Hearthfire. So you don’t need the dlc to use this mod. Also, all the chests outside in the grotto are safe for storage except for the barrels outside of the house.

Features in the Silverfish home:

  •  Living room
  • Library
  •  Master bedroom
  •  Bedroom
  • Alchemy desk
  • Enchantment desk
  • Mannequins and weapon plaques
  • Armory Room
  • Storage Basement

Other than the beauty of the house which is what made I really do enjoy how MannyGT has made with immersion gameplay with rpg elements. When you first buy the house, you actually can clean the place up and/or fix the broken bridge in your home. All the lights (candles, braziers, fireplaces & lanterns) can be lit on or off, they will automatically go off in 8 game hours. There is two lazy buttons for those who just want to toggle the lights on or off (like me), which permanently turns the lights on or off. If you do not hire a house-maid, if you leave your house for an extended period of time, you will find that you have to tidy the place up. After 3 days or more, you will find dirt on the floor and so forth.

I really enjoyed that aspect of the mod. You can actually go around lighting the lanterns and etc, in the night and clean the house up when you are gone for extended periods of  a time. I did eventually hire a house maid though since I am too busy running all over Skyrim to properly care for my own home.

There is a secret quest in this mod. It is only activated if you can find the hidden room and reading a certain journal. I didn’t even know there was a secret quest till I was looking through the spoilers in the forums, in my frustration trying to find the lady who sold the hand-made shrines. However, once I saw there was a  hidden quest I stopped reading and proceeded with the quest legit. I swear -shifty eyes-

The reward you get in the quest was really neat. It seemed a fitting reward based on the back-story of the quest. I got a real kick out of it when I saw what the hidden room had held. Oh by the way, that room was so beautiful and amazing. It is one of the two rooms I really liked inside in the Silverfish home. The other being the enchanter’s room. For the grotto, I really love the shrine area especially, it looks very serene and peaceful; followed by the relax area.

The only things that annoyed me was that I had to run all over Skyrim (not really but close enough) to find the servants. Considering that this save is with a new character who hasn’t even visited all the major cities, it was quite a task to find carriages to reach the cities/towns they were located in. I think what bothered me the most was how the weapon plaques in the home kept saying I needed a weapon equipped when I had one equipped. I might have to go back on the nexus to see if there is a patch/fix for it. Other than that, it was such a well designed home. I really enjoyed the beauty, the immersion due to rpg elements included with the home and the quest.

It has immediately become the custom player home of choice for me. It actually overturned my main player home cause I just loved it so much. I liked how it was in a grotto, therefore giving the Dragonborn a more private home, with beautiful scenery that gave a sense of peace. A place to relax and not worry about the troubles plaguing Skyrim. As well, the location was pretty good since it wasn’t too far from the town of Dragon Bridge, and being very close to Solitude. I think it was well-located.

For those interested in the silverfish grotto, you can find it on the Skyrim nexus or alternatively click here


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