First Impression: Mari0

Just last night, a friend told me that he found a game called: Mario Portal. Where Mario is given a working portal gun. Now, how can Mario have access to Aperture Laboratories testing equipment in the Mushroom Kingdom? No idea, I’m sure there’s some sort of explanation for that.

I thought he was kidding so I decided to research it on the internet. Turns out there is a game called Mari0 which was the game he described. Being a big fan of both Mario and Portal, I was a little skeptical considering this idea seemed to have a great chance of being either the “best thing” ever made or the worst idea to ever be conceived. Going against my better judgement, I downloaded it and played it for a while. A link to download the game is at the bottom of the post. I also take no credit for the images used in this post. They all were taken from

I found it hard to play the game properly since I was too busy laughing. I could not stop laughing because seeing Mario with a portal gun was so absurd. I have to admit though, the game was fun. It is just like the original Mario game, except you got a portal gun to back you up. Which seems to be a bit over-powered or a cheat. Oh, and you end up in Aperture Laboratories testing labs, at some point I think. I didn’t get that far in the game.

You can even make your own maps to play, which you can upload for others to play. You can even download custom map-packs made by other players. You can even give your Mario a custom hat, well not really. You can pick a hat for Mario out of the 33 select-able hats. You can change his skin color and etc however. There is even an option for a 4 person co-op game.

You can actually use cheats in the game, but only after you finish the game once.  As well game modifiers to spice your game up a bit.

Nevertheless, the recreation of the SMB world was great and how it managed to re-create the physics for the portal gun. I had a lot of fun playing it. It was hilariously great.



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