L4D2 Custom Campaign: Shadow Moses Island

Left 4 Dead 2 has made a comeback to the blog! For how long? Nobody knows. Time to dive into the review for Shadow Moses Island!


  • loved the idea of cameras which can summon hordes (as well as disabling the cameras)
  • challenging – liked that little puzzle in the 2nd map
  • great amount of detail
  • supplies were well-placed
  • extremely fun campaign – had a fantastic time playing with friends
  • relatively bug free
  • good homage to Metal Gear Solid – however it could had little things added to it to make it more metal gear-esque (e.g more vent crawling, special infected more likely to alert hordes for example)
  • Kaz’s epic denial to the hunter – which unfortunately led to his death (it’s fine, he had a defib conveniently on him)


  • the lift sometimes glitches out where the lift won’t move at all
  • bots had trouble on the 4th map where they constantly held onto the ledge when players reached the other side, they eventually teleported to the other side though
  • it wasn’t very clear in the beginning of the 3rd map (communications tower) that you needed to start two generators – we found one but didn’t realize we passed the first one right in the very beginning
  • in 4th campaign where you had to run to the room before getting locked out – that room was insane when the tank suddenly spawns, it punched the brick piles that filled the room which quickly incapped us in no-time. we eventually succeeded in that area but that was insane
  • in the finale, we missed the elevator since we couldn’t get past the horde quick enough to jump on it – however we did find the ladder which led us to the finale so it worked out in the end

This was just such a fun campaign. Had a lot of fun playing this, sneaking around the facility, hiding and disabling the security cameras. The idea that the special infected could also trigger alarms/summon hordes was great as well. It made me feel almost James Bond-ish for a moment there, with Metal Gear elements.

For those who want to play the fantastic campaign, you can find it on l4dmaps.com. For those lazy to search for it on the site, you can just click right here

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