First Impression: Resident Evil 6/Biohazard 6

Back from the dead! Hope you all had a great Halloween. I have an excuse and apology but they aren’t very good, so I won’t bother with that. Let’s jump straight into this game review/impression for a game that quickly became the bane of my gaming existence. Resident Evil 6 or better known as Biohazard 6 in Japan.

Okay before I actually do continue. I need to point this trend out that I noticed. Why is that every vehicle that Leon drives or happens to be in, crashes? Or he seems to die a vehicle related death? Oh wait, that might just be me cause I always die a vehicle related death at some point regardless of what character I am playing. But seriously, why is that like every car he drives crashes or something horrible happens to it? I swear, he’s cursed.

As for the game, I am enjoying the game for the most part. Minus the part of being paranoid of what bio-hazard would kill me cause I always seem to run out of ammo at the worst time possible. I don’t think the prelude chapter which serves as the tutorial chapter was done really well. I found it rather confusing, especially the dashing part since I had a brain-dead moment before I realized what my mistake was.

Other than that, the game is rather straight forward. The plot was rather easy to figure out once you complete one of the campaigns. It does have more puzzles compared to say Resident Evil 5 (although admittedly, I never did complete RE5). I still find the game rather confusing in terms of where I am meant to go, since it doesn’t really tell you where to go. Although it does have a feature which it shows you the path to your current goal. Which I keep forgetting how to use so I have to rely on my “baby-sitter’ cause I am absolutely useless (and utter crap) at this game. Although she does laugh at me whenever I die a lame death, like…being killed when a boss threw a car at me.

The thing that mostly irks me about this game, other than me constantly losing ammo or having no sense of direction at all; is the quick reaction times. They are the biggest thing in the game that utterly annoys me to no end. Mostly because I react on time before the timer is up, but due to the lag the game thinks I didn’t bother reacting so I keep dying the same death a number of times. Till I literally smash the keys in frustration then it registers I reacted on time. Actually that is the main reason why I disliked this game so much. I don’t know whether its lag or not, but the sheer delay between me hitting the key and it registering is so far that it keeps thinking I did not when I did. I actually did rage hard enough to hit my keyboard and damage my space bar during the one Leon mission campaign (involving a plane and luggage flying towards you). I died 9 times. I actually counted. 9 times of sheer quick time hell cause the bloody game wouldn’t register. I raged uninstalled sometime after that.

I suppose I do enjoy the stories for each campaign and seeing how they all intersect with one another. What a large conspiracy. Start another disaster to avert another disaster. Counter-productive logic if you ask me. I don’t know, I guess it’s because I am used to when Resident Evil was more horror-puzzle type game. It just seems to be mostly action now. Maybe it’s just me. I did find the beginning of Jake’s campaign amusing when Sherry was trying to introduce herself and he just interrupts her.

Overall, it is an action packed game with some puzzles. Not a fan of the quick time events and the bio-hazards scare me. I have a sadistic co-op partner who has to babysit me (probably to her annoyance).  The plot was very quick to predict once you finished one campaign and I constantly run out of ammo at the worse time possible which I already mentioned.


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