Stanley’s Parable [Annoying the narrator is so much fun]

Another game, another review. This being one of the more recent games I have bought (not in the Halloween sale, I actually didn’t buy much in that sale). Stanley’s Parable was an interesting game to say the least. It kept me very entertained. It is an experimental narrative-driven first person game from what I have read so far.

This game is rather difficult to describe and talk about since it is many things. You have a choice and you don’t have a choice. You could follow or not follow. There is an ending to the game and there is no real ending to the game. The game basically messes with your head by giving you the illusion of choices.

Not all choices are good ones. The narrator who narrates your decisions will sometimes scold you for ruining “his story”. Something I actually enjoyed doing. Hearing the narrator’s annoyance was great.

I enjoyed this game a lot. The multiple endings, having your head messed with by the game was a ton of fun. Maybe cause I am a little masochistic since I liked how the game played with my head. For an experimental game, it was very well executed. I enjoyed myself thoroughly in this game. The game-play was smooth, some choices/paths weren’t very clear though, but I think it was intentional. Not sure if I liked the “ending” of the game though since it seemed too easy. However, it didn’t seem like it was a real ending.  Since the game hints at the idea of “mind control”, how would he been able to break free of it by being able to turn the machine off? If he had been subjected to the control and influence of a machine for years, it would be extremely difficult to break free out of the machine’s control even if it was offline since, it would be ingrained into his head (in my opinion anyway).

The ending seemed very peaceful but why would a building be in the middle of the country-side, wouldn’t that seem suspicious to people? Okay, maybe I am thinking this a little too logically. I suppose maybe the game is never really meant to have an ‘ending’ perhaps.

Nevertheless, it is an entertaining game. Think of it as an insight to games and narratives. I think the true genius of this game is how it accounts for every single choice you could/would make in the game. The fact that the narrator has something to say for any choice you make is remarkable due to the number/combination of choices you could make. It is ingenious and hilarious. The voice actor for the narrator hit the mark rather well in my opinion, he made the narrator sound like he was his own person, and not just a voice in someone’s head or just a boring narrator who dictates/comments on the player’s choices.

I really suggest people looking for an story-engaging game or an interesting/funny game, then Stanley Parable is a good choice. You could always try the demo first, even the demo is an adventure.

Official website for the game:


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