Bioshock. I remember this being a game that I never saw myself playing. I was always curious about it but I never really bothered with it. Didn’t watch people playing it on YouTube or anything for the game. Other than reading the plot for the game. I think it was because I always somehow thought the game as being horror, and I generally steer clear from horror games since it is not really my genre. As I already established by now, I am a massive chicken.

Finally got around to playing Bioshock. I haven’t completed the game but I figured I played it long enough to give it a review. I actually enjoyed playing the game a lot. Although the controls are a little weird to me still. I find myself trying to remember what the key binds are for aiming down a firearm’s iron-sights and all that. If you are asking me: why not just change the key bindings? I have, and I still don’t remember. My memory is weird like that. I can remember locations for quests, artifacts and all that for games like: Morrowind, Oblivion, Borderlands and all that.  Yet for Bioshock, I don’t remember my darn key bindings for the controls. Selective memory for the win?

The game is more geared towards action-adventure game but with elements of a horror game. Playing the game, made me often question whether the game was actually horror, and not action-adventure. The atmosphere and tension that is prevalent throughout the game is well-executed. I often found myself being overly cautious in the game. Making sure I had a weapon and a power at the ready for whatever enemy is hiding round the corner, regardless if I can hear it or see it. Making sure I always was well-stocked with first aid-kits and EVE’s to the point I had no money to even afford ammo for my own firearms. I literally jumped at the slightest noise from the game, or get so immersed into the game that I would get terrified when my mom came to tell me dinner was ready. Not to mention the game had some pretty disturbing scenes.

I really do like the setting of the game; the underwater city of Rapture. During the cut-scene when you first see Rapture in its glory was quite breathtaking in a sense, it was an extremely beautiful sight. Almost makes me wish that the underwater city was real so I can see it (wouldn’t want to live there considering how all the citizens seem to insane). The enemies are pretty terrifying as well, the journals of the people who lived in Rapture was fantastic. It added to the back-story of the game, or to the characters/enemies you have the “pleasure” of meeting in the game.

My biggest struggle in the game: other than getting enough money/adams or making sure I didn’t die was fighting the Bid Daddies in combat. They were the hardest thing I have to fight in the game so far, most of my deaths occurred from trying to kill them. Trying to take on 3 of them within a short time of each other is an extremely bad idea. Especially when you barely had any first aid-kits to heal yourself with or had no EVE to use your powers. Liked the idea of the research camera, probably the best thing in the game. I like exploiting weaknesses.

The little sisters freak me out though, especially when I first saw one with her guardian: the big daddy. I don’t like anything that reminds me of a syringe, so when I saw the little sister repeatedly stab someone with the over-sized syringe looking thing, you can imagine the several times I cringed. Heck, I even had goosebumps . Did.Not.Enjoy.That.Scene.At.All.  

*cringes again at the memory*

The game is extremely enjoyable. Certainly knows how to keep the tension prevalent throughout the game, as well keep it fast-paced. A very effective combination. I was definitely paranoid in the game, I’d imagine being the only sane person in Rapture, fighting for your life as danger is lurking everywhere….would make one paranoid. I am enjoying the plot of the game so far, I enjoy exploring Rapture the most even though it has seen better days. I enjoy the variety of enemies and methods you can use to take them out. The abilities you can gain through plasmids is what definitely has my interest. I like finding new abilities and then figuring how I can best use them to my advantage. Enjoyable game, I look forward to Bioshock 2. If I ever manage to finish Bioshock first, the enemies do not go down easy.


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