Borderlands DLC: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution

Finally! Something that is not related to Minecraft at all. For only one post. To be honest, I completely forgot about this add-on till today when I was playing Borderlands on the second play-through. My bad. Now to review the final add-on for Borderlands (I know, this is really late) which is Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution (or Claptrap’s Robolution).

This basically is a continuation of the game from the ending scene where you witness the go-lucky claptrap in Fyrestone turn into an interplanetary claptrap assassin aka I.N.A.C (oh god, spoilers!). It features 7 areas that you can explore with about 21 new quests, if I remember correctly. Overall plot is that the assassin claptrap has somehow broken free of his programming and is now leading a robot revolution against the people in Pandora and it is up to the vault hunters to stop the little guy.

I personally found this add-on very short, much shorter in comparison to the Secret Armory of General Knoxx and Zombie Island of Dr.Ned. Well, we are not counting Mad Moxxi’s Underdome cause I haven’t even done the advanced rounds. Not going to even try. It is like 100 rounds before you complete 1 arena. Wait, I am getting off-topic.

I have mixed feelings overall for the add-on. On the one hand, I did enjoy it due to the story-line seeing how I.N.A.C is using whatever resources to build his army. I actually thought it was quite clever how he “clap-trapped” enemies, adding onto his expanding army. I really enjoyed the ‘clap-trapped’ enemies cause I found it rather interesting, besides they looked cool. Well, most of the them. The boss fights were not what I was expecting. I had the idea that we would be fighting claptraps with high health as bosses, not the claptrap variation of certain bosses that the vault hunters have fought already. I had a real kick out of that, although I felt bad for one of them who still had a hole in the stomach. That does bring a question up though, how did claptrap manage to get that boss? I mean, wasn’t that one like…eaten or something?

*cue dramatic music*

            dramatic yes?

On the other hand though, enemies got really repetitive quickly though, especially the never-ending masses of claptraps, especially since they were relatively easy to dispatch. However, I suppose it would make sense for them to be relatively weak since they are claptraps after all. I would had preferred a challenge though, even from the clap-trapped bosses. They weren’t hard to defeat either, I think they were harder to defeat when they weren’t clap-trapped (like their original counterpart).

Even the quests felt repetitive, especially Tannis’ quest. That got old really fast, it was hilarious when I correctly guessed the reason why she needed so many robot parts. You’d think with the number of pieces the hunters collected, she could make a decent android. Although the side-quests in the Tartarus Station was quite entertaining, especially that spa war.

What I do not understand is the glitch that the add-on has. The one where if you didn’t do the achievements in the right order, you couldn’t get them. I know there is a patch released which lets you get the achievements regardless of the order, but it hasn’t worked for me. Not that the achievements really mattered but it would be nice (gotta collect them all! no. just no). No big deal, unless you are an achievement hunter (which I admit, I sort of am). Still, I find it rather odd that they say they released a patch for it yet it hasn’t worked for my friend and me.

Oh well, can’t win them all eh? Enjoyed the side-quests (except for Tannis’ ever increasingly insane requests), fighting the clap-trapped bosses and seeing the new areas. I found I.N.A.C’s dialogue throughout the add-on hilarious, especially talking about the set-backs as you neared his “lair”. Did I enjoy the main quest? Not so much, it had its moments though.


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