L4D2 Custom Campaign: Day Break [incomplete review]

This was the last Left 4 Dead 2 custom campaign I did with some friends. We didn’t get to finish it due to the time (we were playing quite late in the night) and never got around to finishing it. So this review won’t be a complete one. It will only apply for the first 3 maps.


  • Good map design with unique set pieces (e.g bridge)
  • fake safe-houses added to the tension as well overall story [as well a convenient place to resupply]
  • good survivor conversation (amusing as well)
  • supplies well-placed
  • bridge event was pure epic
  • the graffiti on the walls were hilarious


  • the first map was extremely long, involved a lot of wandering around
  • not necessarily a bad thing – having a tank in the beginning brings that element of having to get out of the hotel but maybe could have waited to spawn the tank till survivors were outside the hotel? Fighting tank in enclosed quarters is not easy
  • few times where there were crescendo events, it spawned nearly non-stop horde which made it difficult to proceed
  • at one point (I think it was when you are at the boat), we had to fight multiple tanks within a short time of each other – while survivable made the map rather tedious due to low supplies

You can find the campaign on l4dmaps.com right here


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