Update 16.12.13

Just a quick update. Good lord, nearly 2am for me. I need to fix my sleeping schedule (again).

Mostly relating to the blog’s recent appearance changes. As many of you will have noticed by now, the blog has a new theme. Felt it was time for a change, although sticking with the dark colors. The blog’s theme isn’t important though. The blog now has a header image and background image. Wanted to include them for a long time but never found one that I liked or it just didn’t work out appearance-wise. Would you believe I spent more time trying to find a background I liked and trying to get it to look good on the site?

The (free) header is from smashingmagazine.com/ and the portal background is from wallpapervortex.com.

I also got a new icon as well, not sure if I am going to stick with this one yet though. The icon is from http://game-icons.net

That is all I wanted to mention really. Oh and The Novelist review is coming up in several hours so stay tuned for that. I shall now go to bed and get much-needed sleep. Never watching Ancient Aliens episodes late in the night again.


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