The Deep

The Deep is a free indie game by Matthew Lefevere. The game is an educational exploration game that takes place in the ocean waters of Australia. You play as a scuba diver and scientific research (most likely a marine biologist) who has been commissioned to take pictures of the local marine life, collect samples, explore a ship-wreck and finally find some hidden treasure scattered throughout the three main locations of the ocean.

It is meant to be a fun and relaxing experience. The underwater world was certainly fun to explore and relaxing. Till I got to the underwater caves, for some reason I felt deep-seated paranoia swimming in the dark cave system. I kept expecting something (like a shark) to attack me or something.

Wish you could had taken more pictures than just five pictures of the objectives. I think the picture-taking system could had used a little bit of tweaking. You had to wait for the prompt to tell you that it was possible to take a picture of them. Sometimes when you did find the fish (clown-fish in my case) I couldn’t take a picture of them. I had to find another group of clown-fish before I could take a picture of them to fulfill the last picture-taking objective.

I took a lot longer than I expected while playing this game. It was mostly due to trying to figure out where the hidden treasures were, and exploring the ocean. I did like the idea there was a stamina bar for your speed boost, so you were forced to take your time swimming and take advantage of the air vents that regenerated your stamina bar quickly.

Exploring the shipwreck was great, wished you could explore more though. Like swim inside the shipwreck other than just the bridge. Be great to look inside and try to find other treasures. Speaking of treasure, I felt the game could had added variation to the treasures, as they were all the same item (minus the captain’s logbook) such as maybe ancient coins for the shipwreck as well or something similar.

Other than that, you are given a large area to explore that felt too empty. There are large areas of just sand and rock. I know it is based on the Australian waters but maybe could had added more to the empty areas so it didn’t feel too empty. Or maybe more marine life as they were found in small pockets within an area.

Short little game, but I did enjoy the relaxing experience of just swimming around underwater. You can download this game right here, you can also check out the portfolio of the game’s developer on his site.


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