Requiem is a minimalist indie game made by game developer Nik. The game revolves around a musician whom has committed suicide and is now trapped in Limbo. All relating images of the game belong to Nik.

The game mostly focuses on the visual art and music, hence the minimal theme. The game-play is rather simple, mainly consisting of you either running around or jumping to reach glowing orbs. The minimalist theme gives the game a brilliant style that just works so well for the game, combined with its haunting music and atmosphere gives players quite an experience.

Wall-jumping is used quite often in the game (till you get the double jump ability), however that was a double-edged sword. For me anyway. I could either escape the places I got stuck in, or I was trapped down there till I managed a successful attempt to wall-jump my way out. Wall-jumping is not really my forte since it is a hit and miss thing. I either succeed at it or I just utterly fail at it. So you can imagine my frustration when I was stuck at the same spot for more than couple minutes trying to wall-jump myself out of the spot I got stuck in, in order to continue onwards.

However seeing the comments in regards to the game, others seemed to have trouble with the jump controls. Therefore, tweaking the controls will be needed.

The game is visually appealing and the haunting soundtrack create a desolate and lonely atmosphere to the musician’s limbo. I loved the soundtrack, so being able to download the soundtrack was a great bonus for me.

Requiem delivers a meaningful message from the beginning, via the glowing blue orbs and to the ending of the game. I highly recommend everyone to give this game a try, even if it becomes frustrating due to the jump controls (I laughed when I saw the comment from Nik saying s/he doesn’t want to do it again). You can check/download Requiem with this nifty little link right here


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