The McCarthy Chronicles Episode 1

The McCarthy Chronicles is a game series being developed by The Thought Radar. It is a point and click film-noir inspired supernatural detective story. I love point and click games, especially if they are detective-styled or similar to the Being One series. I find such games to be extremely enjoyable, with their mix of plot and puzzle-solving.

The game starts out with a phrase from a religious text, I missed that opening text. So I missed where the quote was from, I think it was from the Bible. Once it shows that, it proceeds with a monologue from the private investigator whom is the protagonist of the chronicles series, McCarthy. He gives you minimal details about himself before recounting the events that led to his current situation.

The game will then lead to the flashback where you begin to play the game, experiencing the events that led him to what appears to be his imminent death. The game-play is simple being a point and click game. It did take me a while to figure how to operate the game, you have to hold the left mouse button down before it gives you an option wheel of either talking, observing the object or using the object that your cross-hairs is hovering over. Also took me a bit of a while to realize I had an drop-down inventory.

 According to the game description, the game is quite processor intensive due to the visual effects used, and recommended to not run the game on a higher resolution than necessary. Since I had the film grain slider all the way down, it wasn’t much of an issue for me. The link to download the game will have all the information about running the game.

I really enjoyed the game, with its film-noir style (not fan of the film grain, good thing you can edit that in options) with the black and white, with the occasional color of red. The whole supernatural detective thing was pretty fun for me, trying to piece the information together. The pacing of the game does get a little slow at times but does quickly pick up again. I really enjoyed that little twist revealing that there was more than one supernatural force at play, especially that ending cut-scene before the credits. It got me a little spooked out and wanting to play more.

Really liked how they explained the past of the estate, family history through journals and conversations. Not many puzzles in the game, mostly solving and finding clues. Like how they in-cooperated Latin phrases into the game, giving it a more authentic feel of combating supernatural and added more to the dark feel of the game.

Can’t wait to hear when they release episode 2. I look forward to it. I really enjoyed episode one with its dark atmospheric story-driven style, the game series has a lot of potential. Episode one is a solid start to the chronicles. Although, according to the comments for the game on it has been over 3 years since episode 1 was released. I really do hope they haven’t abandoned the game because it had a really solid start and great potential to be a fantastic game series. I did thoroughly enjoy playing episode one, and really hope to be able to play more from the chronicles.

The download link on doesn’t seem to be working but you can download the game through this link, as it seems to be from one of the members from the game dev team.


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