Mirage Noir: Prologue

Mirage Noir: Prologue is a visual novel game being developed by Noire. The game is playable on windows, mac and linux. So far the prologue is the only chapter released, but I have high hopes for this visual novel.The prologue doesn’t really have you doing much other than reading the conversations and pressing your space-bar to proceed the story. The prologue is mostly to serve as a teaser and provide back-story to the main novel which hopefully will be released.

A young local witch from a certain village placed in the mountainous region of Hollow Ridges, while searching for her familiar finds a strange glade deep down in the forest. Surprisingly, she finds an unconscious, worn out man, who needed immediate medical support. Ignoring her common sense she takes him to her place and does her best, healing his wounds and frostbite. Back then  little did she know that this event will change her life forever. – official game description from Noire

The plot of the novel got my attention and spiked my curiosity. The prologue certainly did not disappoint. The prologue was filled with humorous conversations (especially the witch’s facial expression) with beautiful artwork. I really like the characters so far, and its easy to follow the story. People in the comments seem to be having trouble differentiating the characters speaking but I didn’t have that problem at all, I found it easy to figure who was the one speaking/thinking at that given moment. Although I think the problem people had, was that they couldn’t tell when the characters were speaking or thinking.

laughed so hard at this. she has the funniest facial expressions

The game has a great story so far, especially that cliff-hanger towards the end. I definitely wasn’t expecting it at all, especially given harmless the character appeared to be. Really interested to see how all of this will play out in the end. I assume it either ends badly with one of the main characters dying, or perhaps a character atoning for past sins and redemption. Or none of those things will happen. Who knows.

The prologue gives the game a solid start, providing back-story to the main characters and establishing their relationship with each other. It also provides an insight to how the game mechanics will work in the game as well.

Intend to keep a close eye on this game, I want to see how the story plays out in the end. So much intrigue and mystery. For those interested in checking the prologue out, you can download through this link. For those interested in seeing the artwork for the game can find that on Noire’s deviantArt page here, and finally you can watch Noire’s game development process live through twitch.tv (the live-streaming schedule can be found there too).


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