Heartland Deluxe

Heartland Deluxe is an indie point and click game made by LimpingFish. The story of the game is that you are a man named David Lawson who works as a news reporter. When the local conspiracy theorist (whom everyone knows him as a nut-job) leaves you a note, telling you to meet him at his apartment. Upon, arriving you notice the empty apartment and decide to snoop around.

The game features a panoramic environment for you to interact in (mainly the apartment), allow you to use the mouse to look around the environment. Game-play is relatively simple, being a point and click game. However, I didn’t realize you had to right-click in order to swap between looking at objects and taking them. Not till after 10 minutes into the game, after using the other method of swapping between the two actions in the inventory.

It was a little annoying having to manually change your actions, in order to keep playing the tapes in order to gain more information. Meaning once you swapped your cursor to the “take” action, once you interacted with the tape-player; it will revert back to a cursor that you have to redo the action to interact with the tape-player again.

Definitely had a creepy feel to it, since you had unexplained phenomenon occur upon interacting with certain objects, as well finding clues regarding to a secret military project. Although the project’s goal isn’t made clear due to the missing pieces of audio and the theorist’s notes do not help either. Such as I didn’t understand what I saw on the television or the game’s ending where you wake up in an unknown location but you say your name is something else instead of the name you began with. Was a little confused at those parts.

The game has a great story-line but I felt there were major pieces of the story missing. I felt like the game was missing something, that would give it a greater impact. I suppose that would relate to the fact I didn’t understand why I was experiencing the weird supernatural/physic phenomenon when I interacted with certain objects.

I really liked that lock-picking puzzle where you had to use sound, to help you figure how to unlock the closet. That was really cool even if it was simple. Other than that, the game was pretty enjoyable. I really look forward to playing its sequel Unbound to see what happens.

The download links from Limpingfish’s official site didn’t seem to work, nor did their other links leading to other game sites. However the link from GameJolt seems to be fine so you can download the game through this instead.


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