Unbound is the sequel to Heartland Deluxe by LimpingFish. If you are interested in playing Unbound, it is recommended to play Heartland Deluxe first. The games are meant to be experienced sequentially.

Based on the fact the game is experienced in sequences, I am going to state the obvious that the games tell the story through different people. I am really curious to see which new characters will be introduced into this series, if it will become a series. Actually not entirely sure if Limpingfish intends to continue with making the games. So far you met the reporter who is dragged into the case, while Unbound introduces you to one of the scientists whom played a part in the secret military project (that you read about from Heartland)

Unbound uses the same mechanics from Heartland Deluxe which means you still have to deal with the inventory clumsiness and the interactive objects aren’t always clear. Those two do make the game a little more difficult than it actually is, as well ruining the fun factor of the game.

The game takes place in the abandoned government facility, where Dr. Fielding has been taken by agents after the aftermath of Project Caterpillar. The game starts off with a movie intro where you see Fielding being questioned by an unseen interrogator in regards to the research project and the data. After another failed session, he is taken back to his cell. Where he begins to try plan his escape.

The game is relatively short if you don’t include the long intro cut-scene. I felt more confused from Unbound. Especially towards the end since the message flash on the screen too quickly for me, and I was unable to see the world so I literally had no idea what was going on in the end of the game. It was very confusing for me.

Unbound seems to give more questions than answers for me. I had no clue what the project caterpillar was about, and what was inside (if there is anything inside) the chamber that seems to be containing the thing that gives out the physic phenomenon that the characters experience. So many questions, so little answers. In short, I am a little lost as to what is going on in the game.

For those who want to give Unbound a try, you can check it out right here. Maybe you will make better sense out of the game than I did.


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