Don’t Escape

Don’t Escape is an escape the room online indie game by Scriptwelder. Now usually, you have to figure a way to escape out of wherever you happened to lock yourself in. In this online game, you do the opposite. You want to trap yourself in a room. Why? You are a werewolf and unless you find a way to lock yourself inside the cabin, people will end up dying or possibly yourself.

I actually enjoyed this little twist to the whole escape the room genre that is abundant on the internet. I don’t play a lot of the ‘escape the room’ because I often found the story-line was too repetitive although some had really good ideas or background story to how you ended up trapped. Or I was unable to escape cause I was too ‘intelligent’ to figure it out. Therefore, I am not entirely sure if this is an original idea, but if it is then it has a fantastic concept. As I have never seen this an escape game with a concept such as this before.

Being a point and click game, the game is relatively easy to play. Although, I failed the first time when I played this (meaning the werewolf escaped). Why? Because I didn’t realize you could actually go outside to gather items that could aid you. I just assumed you had to stay in the cabin only. I suppose that is my fault as well though, since you have all the time in the world to prepare. Since nightfall won’t happen till you click the hourglass and confirm you are ready for the transformation.

It has a great replay value, as the different actions you take will affect the ending. The visual aspect of the game was rather well-done as well.

If you want to give this game a go, you can play it at which is where the game is officially hosted on.


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