Eternal Solitude

Eternal Solitude is set in the thoughts of the main character. He must complete several challenges by cooperating with his body and spirit in order to overcome his depression. The game consists of several puzzles which can be solved by switching between two characters, each character can see things the other can not. – official game description

Eternal Solitude is a game made by Bearific Games. The game is a 2D puzzle platformer game. The game is divided into 10+ levels, not including a nifty mini-game as well.

The game is a little slow-paced which will turn some people away from the game. Especially since if you do die in the game (which will be often), you will be forced to re-watch the scene or re-read the level’s starting quote depending on how far you far in the game. Combine this with the extremely slow screen changes, then you have a recipe for impatient players rage-quitting on the game. While this is annoying, I do think it is a shame that players seem to give up on this game. The game-play is relatively smooth, with a unique play-style due to the theme and a consistent mood throughout the game.

The game-play itself is simple as well, mostly using the two aspects of yourself (physical and soul versions of yourself) to solve puzzles, in a tag-team method. Or changing between two different realities if you prefer that. Using space allows you to open and close your eyes, which serves as the means to swap between the two versions. However since the game is extremely dark it may be hard to differentiate the two even with the color-coding to aid you. when I say it is dark, I mean it is so dark that you can hardly see what you are doing in the game. Well, if you using the physical aspect of your player then you cannot see a thing. The spirit version has a brighter light sphere surrounding it which lets you see a bit more easily. Also, I didn’t realize you could actually crouch/crawl in this game so I was stuck on a certain level a lot longer than I should had been.

It seems to focus more on inner conflict (or self-doubt) that you, the player is facing. From my impression, the character seems to be haunted by the demons of self-doubt or regret in regards to his love. I admit, I have not finish all the levels on this game yet so I could be wrong. Nevertheless I shall endeavor to finish the game. As well, catch up on all the other games that been waiting for my attention. Got to get my shit myself together.

Those who love to play platformer games or puzzle games, or just looking for something to play; you should give Eternal Solitude a go. It has a lovely sound-track even if it does get repetitive later on, with great puzzle platformer levels. You can find the download link right here


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