Dopaminium: The Heal Journey

Dopaminium: The Heal Journey is a very surreal online game. One of the weirdest games I have played. The puzzles don’t have a particular logic to them but amazingly, it does have a form of sense to them. Saying that I found this game more straight-forward than most escape the room games will probably tell you something about the inner workings of my mind (I assure you, I am sane…okay questionably sane).

Dopaminium: The Heal Journey is focused on the puzzles with the idea that somehow fear has gripped your mind and destroyed your mental psyche. You now have to delve into the depths of your mind to heal the shattered pieces. Or according to the game’s official story, it implies you delved into your mind to gain the ability to master/control your dreams, but must brave through the monsters of your subconsciousness.

The game is a point and click so it is a no brainer on how to play the game. The only thing you will have to worry about playing this bizarre game is how to complete the puzzles. Unless you are really stuck, then proceed to click the item and wave it around the room like a manic till it becomes highlighted. Not the smoothest or most elegant means to a solution but serves its purpose. Great way to solve things when you get stuck.

The game starts with an empty map of your brain except for one area marked with a symbol. Hovering the mouse over that portion, reveals the name of the level (there are 8 levels in total) which is usually a name of a disorder (e.g paranoia, dementia). Each successful room you complete, will reveal another section with its own disorder to be cured. Not entirely sure if each room is truly linked to the disorder that they were named after because the presentation didn’t seem to link with the disorder. Someone familiar with psych could probably answer that.

Dopaminium may appear rough or have no real meaning, but the surreal artwork and unbalanced logic definitely does symbolize someone fighting their own inner demons.

You can play the game on most game sites such as and The link provided will take you to


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