L4D2 Custom Campaign: ZMB-13

Once again, we have returned to Left 4 Dead 2 after ignoring it for…a really long time. To welcome ourselves back to the zombie infested world, the McGee and I played ZMB-13 on advanced. The back-story to this custom campaign is that you and your fellow survivors are human test subjects at an underground weapons lab,  a sudden blackout cause a dangerous mutagen (code-named ZMB-13) to be released into the air. Luckily for you; the air filtration in your cell block was still functional, now the only problem you have ahead of you is to fight your way through the now infected hordes to whatever rescue is awaiting for you.

claire, this is the result of your jinxing powers


  • well-textured details
  • good atmosphere in certain levels (e.g sewers)
  • great variation in the map levels
  • great supply placement (every-time I comment I am nearly out of ammo, we find an ammo pile soon after)
  • hilarious rescue vehicle (it has magical powers apparently)
  • great balance between bright and dark (e.g bright outdoors vs dark lab interior)
  • Claire curses Kaz multiple times with jinxing powers (and it actually works o.O)


  • maps can be extremely long
  • easy to get lost
  • too many S.I at certain places (especially hunters)
  • game instructor is needed in order to know how to proceed (in certain areas of the map)
  • challenging on single-player and on expert (it is manageable in advanced if you have at least one other player to aid you)

This was a really challenging campaign, it was extremely easy to get lost. The maps were very large which didn’t help making navigation any easier. In the first map alone, we didn’t realize you could climb into a vent, I didn’t even notice there was an open vent. The contrast between dark areas of the map with well-lit areas was done perfectly in my opinion. I really enjoyed the contrast. Didn’t enjoy the over abundance of special infected though, there was just simply too many of them at any given time. Hunters especially, it felt that hunters were heavily used in this campaign. Each map had over several hunters.

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable campaign. Challenging but it is manageable. You can download this via l4dmaps.com and on the steam workshop.

thats not a helicopter – mcgee

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