The Grand Party


The Grand Party is a game made by Lamms for GameJolt’s 10th official contest aka the party contest. The game was made with UDK (Unreal Development Kit).

The grand party revolves around a girl named Alice who attends to a tea party (hm, doesn’t this seem familiar…) greeted by her stuffed and apparently psychotic stuffed teddy bear named Henry. Together, they will embark on a short, epic yet creepy adventure to find the missing party guests who did not show up to her tea party. As you explore deeper, you will find out there is a twisted madness due to the loneliness of a girl who has no one but her imaginary friends in a beautiful yet shattered world.

The game itself is rather short due to its relatively linear path. You explore rooms and hear Henry’s comments about the current room. Unfortunately, there is no options so you can’t adjust the music which I found extremely loud to the point I could hardly hear what Henry was saying. Without subtitles either, I had no clue as to what Henry was saying. To which I admit I was a little upset, because I was really curious to hear what he had to say. To know what it would reveal about Alice’s past or her mental state.

The game certainly has a really creepy ambiance which is amplified by the music. You travel through dark corridors that not even your flashlight can properly brighten up. Especially when it is obvious that the world you are seeing is not entirely real. Some rooms are just down right creepy, with the mannequins or just having bottles and having medical syringes just scattered everywhere.

Other than that, the game was relatively short with you exploring around the rooms. You eventually reach the “ending” room where you are rewarded with the missing guests, and a massive cupcake. The game doesn’t give you game instructions except for how to pick Henry up. So I recommend looking at the game’s description to look at the extra controls or you can figure it out on your own since the controls are the generic controls for interaction and flashlight.

Great atmosphere and a spooky take on the party theme contest. Little too linear for my tastes. You can check this game out right here


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