Oblivion Mod: The Quest for Demon Bane

The Quest for Demon Bane is a quest mod by pimpskinny that requires you to travel to various locations in Cyrodiil, to fulfill your ultimate destiny. Before you play this mod, you will need a mod that disables Cyrodiil borders.

This quest is great to play along with the main quest line with either a new or old character. The mod will make more sense if it is with a newer character, as the unique lesser power you gain is a great asset against the daedra. You don’t want to try venture into the dungeon at a low-level, the pimpskinny recommends to be at least level 12 before delving into the dungeon. As the enemies can be quite difficult to fight.

The weapon you gain in this quest will either be a two-handed sword or two-handed axe, depending on which skill (blunt or blade) is highest when you claim the weapon. The weapon, Demon Bane is extremely effective against the daedra while damage against other non-daedric enemies is a normal weapon. However, the sword does have a randomized effect where it is able to kill an enemy within one strike. When this happens, you will gain a boost in strength, your fatigue (or stamina if you prefer) will be restored completely and your health will be restored slightly.

As for the dungeon is extremely extensive with many levels. Or as the mod creator said “a lovingly crafted and loot-rich massive dungeon to explore and die in, where your body will remain for all time, broken and bloody”. I actually laughed when I saw that comment from pimpskinny, and was the reason why I decided to play this mod. The only issue I had with the dungeon, wasn’t how extensive or confusing it was. It was never a problem. The problem I had was when I entered the puzzle chamber. There wasn’t any clue as to what to do. Eventually I did figure out what I was meant to do, but the revolving column proved too much of a hassle for me to figure out so I ended up cheating my way through that area. However, the puzzle was extremely well-thought out and I do wish I had more patience to properly complete this puzzle. It is something that I now regret not finishing due to my impatience.

You do get a player-home which is an abandoned fort that is modestly furnished, which was the sanctuary for a npc who was a fellow demon-hunter. Along with the armor of the same npc and weapon. The armor is a re-textured elven armor to be darker with a deep red color, it has better stats that default elven armor stats. It comes with a nifty armored cloak as well. I actually really liked the armor, but was rather upset that the cloak didn’t work with my ninja mask. If it worked, it would be such a bad-ass look. The unique summoning power you gain, is only given if you take a certain ring from a boss whom blocks your way. It allows you to summon the spirit animals that you see often throughout the dungeon.

I really like how the mod tries to give a plausible reason as to why you were chosen to fight against the daedric forces. You will get the most of this mod obviously, if you still are able to venture into Oblivion and are a melee-focused character. The only draw-back I have with this, is that the weapon is two-handed. I personally prefer one-handed weapons, so obviously my character was extremely weak using two-handed weapons. The weapon stats was a lot lower than I had expected which is a shame. It is also possible that the fact I do not use two handed weapons contributed to the low damage stat on the weapon. If the weapon had higher damage or I actually used two-handed weapons, I would keep the mod despite the fact I have finished the main quest and no longer can venture into Oblivion.

However, I do not think the mod should had started by simply stating immediately that you had this ability the entire time. I felt it would been more suitable if the quest started saying you were different from everyone else, and you begin the quest to find out about your abilities. So you would have to research on your abilities by reading books and so forth. I think the mod could been improved by allowing you to interact with the other demon-hunters, but as a chance encounter but both characters aren’t aware that they both share the same gift. It would been nice to have at least one of the survive the quest. Or lengthen the chase after fellow hunters, in hopes to find out about your abilities or to save them from the assassins.

Maybe you could had met a fellow hunter and you both travel together for a while before you get ambushed by assassins, and the companion sacrifices their life to save yours. As for the assassins, I felt the ambushes were too little. You were only ambushed once, I felt that there should been more ambushes. Especially when you read the note that says that only two hunters now remain, and the other note that says to eliminate you before you find the other remaining hunter. I was expecting there to be a boss fight, or a last encounter with the mythic dawn before you claimed the weapon. Just my opinion though.

This mod has omod and manual version depending on your preferences. It is also compatible with the unique landscapes mod if you happen to have it. You can download the mod by clicking this link right here


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