Oblivion Mod: Glenvar Castle

Glenvar Castle, a large sprawling castle that has been abandoned for reasons unknown. A merchant worries about his missing grandfather. A necromancer seeks to build an army. Can you prove yourself worthy to claim the castle as your own, and restore it to its former glory?

There are only two quests in this mod but the length of the quests will make up for that. It doesn’t use the quest marker so you will have to be observant to your surroundings, listening/reading to what the npcs tell you and the clues you find. This is especially true when it comes to finding hidden switches. They are hidden so even the mouse cursor will not register them as something you can interact with. Hey, everyone likes a challenge right? I am betting I have not found all the secret rooms yet. I do not think I even found a single one yet besides the obvious one when dealing with the vampires. I am so bad at finding hidden rooms,

Be sure to have a lot of gold though. Repairing and hiring all the servants for the castle is going to take a bit of gold. Then again, there is a high chance that most of us have more gold than we know what to do with. Even if we bought all the houses with their upgrades, buying all the rare items from merchants and investing in every possible store in Cyrodiil….well either you still have an insane amount of gold or the gold you spent somehow returns double due to your adventuring expeditions.

it has seen better days

The quests were extremely enjoyable. Loved the challenges they provided; especially finding the hidden switches even though I did rage from time to time for not being able to figure where I had to go next. Yes, I am admitting I had to use a walk-through at some point. It is really odd of how when you are in the blood caverns, you don’t actually know where to go and there isn’t much of a hint to guide you. Jumping on broken walls to look around isn’t something that most people would think do, or is it just me? It wasn’t the first thing I thought of. What actually happened is that I began raging, using Midas’ nuclear blast around the room (occasionally getting caught in the explosion and maaaybe crashing my game) and the deadly shock spell from Ancient Towers……then finally looking on YouTube to figure how in Oblivion on how I was meant to proceed. Yeeeeeeah. No. I can live with hidden switches, but sometimes things got to be a little obvious for those who have terrible powers of observation…such as myself. Did not enjoy that part at all.

Loved the castle layout and how the surrounding landscape was edited to help fortify the castle. It adds to the idea of the provided back-story of the castle, being a strategic point and used to defend the roads between the towns and the Imperial City. Although there was a really large empty space near the middle of the castle grounds. While it is not a big deal, it did bother me to a degree cause it was just so empty. For a large castle, it does seem a bit under-staffed by guards. Just a little, but it could be due to the fact that the guards are scattered throughout the castle grounds. I also did notice the large horse stables, which was actually pretty well-detailed with the hay on the floor and such. One problem. No horses. Even if I did have a horse (I do but its a summon-able horse that you can banish), that is a large stable for one horse alone. It is large enough to hold a couple of horses and none of the guards have horses. Maybe I could fix that by buying the horses from different cities then putting them there, then making my summon-able horse the current horse I am riding. All the guards seem to operate on foot, it would be a nice variation to have maybe a couple guards on horseback just patrolling in the surrounding area outside the castle walls.

Interior wise, it was pretty much flawless. Liked the bathing areas that was added to the castle and how each part of the castle is interconnected. I don’t see why the castle would have a council room though. Lots of storage throughout the castle, it is a nice touch to differentiate the re-spawning and non-respawning storage containers so players can see which is safe to store their items. I thought Aranmathi had a ton of storage space, Glenvar Castle makes Aranmathi’s storage seem so pathetic. If I did not have several player owned homes already, I would be making Glenvar castle my main home. Maybe in another new game that I will undoubtedly make in the future, Glenvar castle will be the main player home along with Ancient Towers. I can already see all the artifacts and trophies I could be displaying in that armory.

Really enjoyed the custom armor and weapons. Being able to choose which version you want is also a good thing. Both heavy and light variations of the armor look the same so the choices don’t really affect the appearance of the armor. Just whether it is light or heavy armor. The weapons were beautiful, although limited to the bow and swords. Can’t please everyone though. Loved the amulet’s design. Seeing the guards with their custom armor and weapons is a nice bonus as well.

It is clear why Glenvar Castle is one of the top and most popular player-owned castles on oblivion nexus. It certainly deserves the high praise. The quests were a ton of fun to go through, and the fact you have to earn the castle makes it worth the trouble. Just a little worried about the statue that is eventually built in your honor. So be careful with the statue especially if you have a custom race/armor. I have both custom race and armor that I change often (the armor, not the race) so disabling the statue is must for me. Otherwise, my game would be crashing every single time I try to enter through the great hall. Like how I crashed trying to enter Bruma till I got rid of the statue.

You can find Glenvar Castle’s download link and more information through this here. I do recommend looking at this link as well though, it adds voice acting for the mod with lip animations which adds to the immersion. It is not necessary though. If you don’t mind the silent non-talking npcs, but you will be needing the silent voices obse plug-in though.


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