Oblivion Mod: Ungarion’s Memoirs 1- The Welkynd Sword

Ungarion’s Memoris 1 – The Welkynd Sword is a short dungeon quest to find a mythical sword by Madcat221. While in Bravil, you enter A Warlock’s Luck for whatever reason. Perhaps you wanted to buy a new spell or needed something from the store for your magical needs. Or maybe you just wanted to sell your loot from a dungeon. While at the shop, the proprietor greets you and informs you that he is a retired adventurer.

what lovely weather

Upon asking him about adventuring, he tells you of his past adventures where he found many ancient relics which are in possession of the Mages’ Guild and being the one who recovered the ancient ayleid crown of Nenalata for a college of his. He is now writing his memoirs but still has one regret that haunts him. His failure on a quest to find the sword of an ancient Ayleid general, who wielded ‘a magical sword with shining Welkynd stones embedded within its arcane meteoric iron core’  – official description of the sword by Madcat221.

This mod was a lot shorter than I thought it would be, considering the word of warning in the mod description. When I did not seeing anything that would cause problems for the faint of heart. Also the word of warning suggested there would be a challenge, which I did not really encounter other than engaging in a duel with the guardian of the sword. Along with the occasional gang up by the trolls whom call the ruins their home.

Once you get the sword, you bring it to Ungarion who gets to see his wish to be fulfilled. As well, allowing him to see the sword that had eluded him for so many years. He rewards you with his trusty sword that was on his side during his numerous adventures.

I do like how they used a default/vanilla ruin as the setting for where the sword would be. Especially since it gives purpose to the trolls who reside there that were given a unique name, yet were not involved in any quest. Having to read the memoir and figuring the potential location of the ruin was an enjoyable challenge, especially for someone who never actually explored every single dungeon. Don’t judge me. You can only explore the dungeons so many times before you get tired of it. I don’t need the loot either considering its gotten to the point I have to use the console command to get rid of my excessive amount of gold. Yeah…..result of the thieving days in Cyrodiil.

The two swords have a unique design, along with unique enchantments which serve their purposes. Unngarion’s sword is actually a really good weapon for an assassin character, if they don’t mind recharging it. However, it is a very potent weapon when combined with poisons. The unique designs of the swords is what I enjoyed most about them. Loved it. The Welkynd sword is really good for fighting against mages, especially if you happen to have stunted magicka as well. Hopefully you can see the sword stats and their enchantments in the screenshots. Just in-case you cannot see what it says, the screenshots will have a caption detailing their enchantments.

Just a shame that the mod was especially short, for me. It might be because my character was over-powered due to the spells I was using. I don’t know. I just figured it would be more challenging with more enemies other than just having the ghost guardian and trolls. If he was a general, shouldn’t he have troops within the ruin? Traps maybe? It just felt his fortress was really poorly guarded if he was just relying on trolls.

Download Ungarion’s Memoirs 1- The Welkynd Sword on Oblivion Nexus with the handy link I provided.


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