Oblivion Mod: Gods Chosen

Gods Chosen is an Russian mod with an English translation that serves as continuation to the main quest-line. The overall story to this mod is after Martin’s sacrifice to seal the gates of Oblivion, the gods themselves have chosen you to restore order back to the world. The only question is whether you will aid the gods or desert them in their time of need.

I felt this was rather misleading since it seems to indicate you had a choice in whether you would help the gods or not. Especially since you cannot ignore the message that pops up in the upper corner of your screen telling you to return to the Temple of One to where the statue of Akatosh now stands, as a sign of victory over the Oblivion Crisis. I suppose you could just ignore it but let’s suppose you did not ignore the divine message and make haste to the temple.

When you approach the statue and touch it, you will be teleported to the heavens although the sky is strangely bleak as if you were in the planes of Oblivion. You will be briefly reunited with Martin whom briefly sends you on a quest to root out the remaining servants of Mehrunes Dagon, whom are very easy to recognize since they are obviously named ‘Servant of Dagon’ or ‘Dagon servant’ which is not very challenging. It should not be obvious by their names that they are servants of Dagon since the servants of the Dawn have spent a long time-serving as sleeper agents hidden in plain sight.

Once you return, Martin will ascend to join his father and forefathers in the heavens and you return to Cyrodiil with the memory of Martin telling you to wait for something. This is not exactly clear since I thought I was supposed to wait in the other plane where you observed Martin ascend to join his father in the heavens. You are actually meant to return to Cyrodiil and wait for an entire day which then the next part of the quest(s) begins. You will suddenly find yourself teleported up to the heavens again and be greeted with the sight of an impressive looking temple with similar design from Cloud Ruler Temple. I actually really loved how the priory looked in this mod, it just looked so phenomenal to me for some reason.Enter inside and you will be greeted with Uriel Septim VII sitting on a throne waiting for you, talking to him will enlighten you that you are actually in the Priory of the gods. The one thing that annoyed me every single time I went to the priory was that weird swirl of white light that surrounds the player, it can obscure the vision at times especially when you try to sit down while at the priory. I did not see the importance of having the swirly white light around the player constantly.

Uriel will reveal that the gods are unsure whether you are worthy of being the chosen one, so Uriel will be the one who sets you off on your first task to prove yourself trustworthy enough for the Divines to reveal themselves to you. It is a very short quest and soon the rest of the Divines will reveal themselves to you, each with their own task for you to complete.

This is the part where I found rather odd. Uriel is seen sitting right in the middle of the room surrounded by the Eight Divines since for some reason Tiber Septim/Talos is missing from the group. It just gives the impression that Uriel is the head of the gods and Akatosh does not act like he is the chief deity of the gods, not even Mara will give you the impression that she is the queen or mother-goddess of the Divines. I just do not agree with how the seating arrangement was set up since it does not give the impression you are in a room with the Eight Divines or their importance.

During the trials of the gods, you will be doing orders given to you by each of the gods. I was under the impression that the orders would be in relation to what the Divines represented. A great example would be the order that Mara gives you, she is known as the goddess of love in the lore of the Elder Scrolls. Therefore, one would assume that you are going to do a quest that somehow involves with her position of being the goddess of love. Whether that was reuniting long-lost lovers, helping someone to find love or something to that effect. What you end up getting as her order, was to help protect one of the major cities with a zombie problem. Although, this is explained as a way to get the love of the citizens, the count’s actions during this quest seem rather out of character since he is meant to be a snobbish jerk who thinks himself as higher than everyone else. Having the count saying you have the love of the people does not seem to be a sentence you will see him saying at all. Couple quests just do not seem to work with some of the Divines and most of them seem to be very similar to each other. You mostly seem to be either saving someone or recovering something.

Dragon Shield

Although the one quest I was impressed with was Julianos’ quest since it does seem to link with his status of being the god of wisdom and logic. His order seems to test your wisdom in whether to follow through with his order blindly or whether to make your own judgement. I personally felt that the whole scenario of gods giving you an order could be dealt with better, such as them giving orders that actually related to what they are associated with. So Stendarr should send you on a quest that involves showing mercy, Kynareth would send you on a quest relating to nature and so forth. Some of the Divines would be a bit harder to give a quest that is true to their nature such as Zenithar would be difficult since he is a god relating to honest labor, commerce and communication. One idea would be that he sends you to aid a struggling merchant/shop-keeper. I see Arkay and Akatosh being the two most difficult gods to give quests honest to their nature, since one is the god of life and death and the other is the chief god of time. However, it would be fitting that Akatosh sends you on a more lengthy quest that tests your determination, courage and logic/wisdom. I was expecting to receive a more difficult quest from the chief god. I do find it odd that Talos seems to be missing from the mod since he is considered as one of the Divines after his ascension, thus making the Eight Divines into the Nine Divines.

Now this is where my memory fails me. I do think that this is the quest given to you by Arkay, where you were sent to get a tome before finding a way to create the Soul amulet. It is never explained why Arkay would need the amulet when he was already telling you how the tome is evil and that the amulet would be evil. Even more odd is how Arkay cannot translate the book since he should be older than the language used to write the book. It would be too easy to have him translate the tome though. I just felt like the whole soul amulet idea could be expanded upon, and the whole issue of addressing the evil mage’s apprentice who admits to wanting to find a way to become immortal and even wrote a note saying he would find a way to become a lich is ignored. Is that not going against Arkay’s wishes since he maintains balance between life and death, yet we are ignoring this guy who helps you to create the amulet with his ongoing experiments to find immortality or becoming a lich.

Once you do all the orders from the Eight Divines, you finally delve into what seems to be the real plot of the mod. Now that you have proven yourself to the Divines, Uriel will admit to you that Martin did not actually fully ascend into the heavens which explains why you do not seen Martin in the Priory with the others. He is actually stuck between worlds and the Divines wish to bring him to his rightful place in the heavens, but do this you need to embark on a dangerous mission to retrieve a magical amulet from the wastes of Oblivion. This quest is relatively straight-forward except you find out you cannot actually touch the amulet. The amulet is guarded by a barrier of magical fire, then things take a strange turn with an odd cut-scene. A dremora approaches you to talk about the magical barrier and how to disable it (turns out this dremora is upset about being betrayed), followed by second dremora who promptly murders the friendly and helpful dremora before asking the reason why you are here. Dispatch the second dremora and proceed to deactivate the magical fire barrier surrounding the amulet. This is where I found out you can technically cheat your way through this part. In the main sigil tower which holds the amulet, there are three levers that looks exactly like levers you need to activate to disable the barrier. The levers in the sigil tower is to activate the blade traps but for some reason, the script counts these levers as you disabling the fire barrier. So you do not actually need to leave the tower to go into the wastes of Oblivion to find the other six towers, before you can grab the amulet. That is a pretty serious issue there if players can cheat their way through a quest and the script cannot tell the difference between the levers you are pulling.

This is actually the final quest since once you give Martin the amulet, he finally rejoins his father and informs you that his father wishes to speak to you. Uriel gives you some final words and tells you a job well done before sending you back to the Temple of One. The wording of the final journal update for the quest completion seems to suggest that there was more but nothing happens.

The Saint’s Sword

A decent mod but since this is a translated mod from Russian. The English file has a lot of typos throughout the dialogue, journal updates and missing characters for the names of the locations you are entering. It makes understanding the task a little difficult at times since you are trying to decipher what is being said. On a side note, there was clipping issues with the atronach leader where you could clear see the npc clipping through the atronach body which was quite disconcerting cause I certainly did not need to be seeing his butt or underwear as he led me through the ruins.

There were some really neat rewards you could receive from the gods and as well custom weapons and a set of armor  to be found. The rare sigil stone had some serious enchantments. I particularly liked the design of the dragon sword and shield. Both are not enchanted so you could always add your own enchantments to the weapons. The sword and shield set suited each other and great detail. The only downside was that the dragon sword was too shiny so you could not truly enjoy the detailing that went onto the sword. The hilt was the same color as the blade itself, some contrast by having a darker hilt would have really complemented the blade. The darker color would also help bringing the detail on the hilt out into clearer view. The Saint’s sword had a model that seems to be very familiar since I am sure I have seen it before somewhere. I just cannot figure out from which mod I have seen the sword before. The Saint’s sword has a really neat script effect that does turn it into a god weapon since the script effect only kicks in when used on the undead.

On a whole, Gods Chosen was a fairly decent mod. Took a little long before getting to the main plot with the whole detour of the trials of the Divines or orders in this case. Certainly an original take on the continuation of the main quest-line, especially in regards to what really happened to Martin after his transformation into the avatar of Akatosh. The translation could have used some help to make it more easier for non-Russian players to understand what was being said in the conversations, although the journal update was rather useful in giving you the general idea of what you needed to do. The unique swords and shield had great models with fantastic detailing on them. Some of the Divines had odd orders to give considering their association did not suit the quest, and at times the orders felt repetitive. Felt the whole situation in tracking the remaining servants of Dagon was too easy since you had the help of the quest marker and they were obviously named as servant of Dagon. Very minor issues encountered, such as the clipping issue and that cheat for the retrieval of the amulet from Oblivion.


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