Oblivion Mod: Spirits Edge

Spirits Edge is a quest mod that will take you through the complex ruins of Aranseli to retrieve the mystical sword of power. Navigate through the deadly maze-like ruins and defeat the guardian of the sword and claim it for your own.

Do note that when download this mod, it might change your world map. If you are using the elven map redux map replacer then you have nothing to worry about.

The quest starts when you enter the mages guild in any of the three locations: Skingrad, Anvil and Bravil. You enter the guild and wait for about over 10 seconds before you get the journal update, supposedly you are meant to overhear a conversation about a missing mage. I never overheard a conversation taking place about a missing mage but you can always just pretend you heard the conversation.  You then embark on your quest to find the missing mage then once you find the mage in a rather unfortunate situation. You decide to take upon yourself to finish what the mage has begun in her expedition.

The journal updates mention that you need the gauntlets to open the door/pillar in order to proceed. When trying to open the false wall to get the key for the door, I was trying to activate the wall before I saw the push button block (derp), which does lead to the question whether the gauntlets were truly needed. Since I wore the gauntlets for the duration of the mod, I did not check to see whether you could use the push button blocks without wearing them. Since a possible reasoning for the gauntlets to serve as a key, could be that they are the only thing that can get the button to move.

I do like how the hidden study of the long dead mage was set up. The extra touch of the ayleid parchment with supposed ayleid text was perfect. Adding onto the idea of how this man was like the head of his time leading into ayleid research or researching as much as he could into the lore of the sword known as Spirits Edge. The book’s addition served as the perfect gateway to explain the lore surrounding the sword and its connection to the ruined city of Aranseli. Seeing how the mage added onto his thoughts of how the sword operated proved to be an interesting read. For me especially since it gives a very vital clue of how to safely wield the cursed sword. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I forget to mention that the sword you would be questing for in this adventure was actually cursed? I assure you, the power of the sword will greatly outweigh the dangerous curse. If you are courageous enough to handle the sword, or mentally strong enough to withstand the curse.

The ruins of Aranseli is beautifully designed. I do like the contrast between the ayleids ruins and lava. I seen several mods that have in-cooperate this idea and it always amazes me how well the contrast works. The ruins that you have to explore before you can enter the main ruins, is rather confusing and rather maze-like. When I played this mod the first time a year or so ago, I had a lot of problems with this area. I am not entirely sure what was the problem that I had encountered.  Regardless, during this attempt I did not encounter any problems at all. I do have just have one question, did the swinging blade traps always take a good chunk out of your health every-time you got hit by them? I never seen my health so low before by being hit by the swinging blades twice. I was near death. Good gracious. Were they always that powerful in vanilla Oblivion? If so, then clearly I have not been paying attention to my health bar when I am running through the ayleid ruins. Since I am mostly blasting the heck out of everything with either my deadly lighting or fire spell attack…I like to horde the welkynd and varla stones.

The main ruins is more straight forward compared to the smaller previous ruin. There is one section of the ruin that is rather disorientating since you have to backtrack quite a bit before you can proceed further. Biggest problem I had with the ayleid ghosts, when you kill them they have a visual effect that kicks in before they disappear. When the visual effect kicks in, I noticed that if I look at the slain ghost during this time that I get a fps drop till they disappear. Looking anywhere else other than the ghost is no problems, it only occurs if I was looking directly at the dead ghost. I suppose the effect is to simulate the disintegration process of the ghost since they literally “poof” out of existence shortly after you kill them. That was the only main problem I had, my laptop did not like looking at the ghosts while they were having the heavy cloud/fogging effects going.

The fight with the ghost of the king’s son was rather one-sided for me. He did not even have a chance to draw his sword since I hurled a large fireball at him at the moment I saw him. I thought the ghost was another ayleid protector otherwise I would had engaged in melee combat with the king’s son to see how I would fare in melee combat, with the sword’s guardian. You grab the hilt of the sword and you have two doors located off to the side which give you a very quick escape route back outside. Once you energize the sword at the ayleid well, you unlocked the sword’s power. Now this is where the final journal entry will change depending on two factors: how high your character’s intelligence and mysticism skill is. These stats on these two factors will affect what the final journal entry will say to you prior to completion. It will not affect the sword at all, just the journal entry.

The sword model is taken from The Heretics Blade and I believe the same model of sword was used in at least two different mods that I can think of. The Oubliette and the Haunted House mod (I think there are two mods that have the same name): which if any of you happen to watch Teamudf will know that this is the mod where his unholy sword came from for his evil character Kajidoh Nolan. I do have to admit though that the sword model is extremely rad considering it is a blade made of pure purple flames/energy.

The sword itself when you look at the stats, seem very weak but it will make up for that weakness with its powerful script effect. Which basically means instant death to anything you strike the sword with. For me personally, I think the sword is overpowered basically a god weapon since it will strike any enemy down. Which is why I will not be keeping this custom sword since I do not really need a god weapon. Still do not see how the handle of the blade is a key, it does not look anything like a key at all. Since the hilt of the blade is described to be a key hilt type thing.

Kudos to Nanu Ra for writing an excellent walk-through for his mod. Exceptionally well-written that guides those who are stuck from beginning to the end, as well explaining the each of the stages individually. Really impressed that he took the time to include the quest stages in case the players have a bug that prevents them from continuing the quest as normal.

Decent dungeon-delving mod to recover a powerful sword. The ruins were well-designed albeit a tad confusing at times. The sword itself has a unique model despite being considered as a god weapon. The sword’s script effect is matching to how it is described in the book. The idea of how the sword is cursed is a great concept although I do not see whether it actually negatively affects the player if over-used. The whole dust cloud effect could be toned down since it did cause a bit of a fps drop for my laptop, not sure if it would affect others though. If you want to recover a mystical sword from the ruins of an ancient ayleid city then be sure to download Spirits Edge.


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