Oblivion Mod: Knights of the Nine Revelation

Knights of the Nine Revelation is considered as an add-on to the official Knights of the Nine (KOTN) plug-in. It does not affect the KOTN in any shape or form, except it will edit the original followers you gain from KOTN, by making them essential as they will play an important role in this excellent mod. Therefore if they died during the last quest where you go for the final assault against Umaril in the official KOTN, this will re-spawn them and turn them essential. If they do manage to die again, they will just re-spawn again.

After playing this add-on for KOTN, I am left wondering why I never played this before since I had a blast playing this add-on. I did crash a couple of times but I do not think the mod had anything to do with this, then again when doesn’t my Oblivion not crash. Probably would not crash if I had no mods installed at all. I went off-topic again, didn’t I?

The quest starts when you go to sleep in the master bedroom at the priory. While asleep, you see a vision of Pelinal’s battle with Umaril during the fall of the White Gold Tower in the first era. You awaken and are approached by Sir Thedret whom serves as your second-in-command among the Knights of the Nine. He informs you that a fellow knight has requested your help, you will then be approached by a man wearing an interesting suit of armor and a very peculiar sword (those who played the Tribunal plug-in from Morrowind may recognize it). You are able to inquire about his equipment. Not sure how the armor of Sotha Sil actually suits to how Sotha Sil was and described in the lore. Considering Sotha Sil was described as a master-wizard who was more interested in reshaping the world in his world of Clockwork City of his own construct. I do not really see Sotha Sil creating a suit of armor, particularly a suit of armor that looks a lot like Knight armor.

You help this fellow knight into recovering artifacts in hopes of bringing the crusader’s relics into their true potential, however the spirit of St. Alessia warns you that forces are at work to re-write history and destroy the balance of Cyrodiil. She begs you to find the last of her descendants before she is lost to the void forever. Eventually you will be betrayed and the relics of the crusader have been stolen. In your attempt to retrieve the relics, you found yourself dragged through a time-portal that brings you into the first era. The exact date when White Gold Tower fell. You are now on a race against time to restore the crusader’s relics back to their former glory and return back to your time before all of man and beast-folk alike are enslaved.

I truly enjoyed the adventure and quests that were found in this mod. I really like how it created a link to the lore of the past and your present time. I do like how it also provided challenges, especially when it came to asking the Eight Divines to consecrate the relics and they gave you a test to prove you were worthy. That was a really long battle though, I still haven’t figured out whether I was meant to just survive the attacks or fight back since it looked like I was not hurting them. When you finished the original KOTN, you were just left with the conclusion of fulfilling your divine purpose and the Knights of the Nine were just a group of people searching for holy relics. With Knights of the Nine Revelation, it completely changes how the Knights of the Nine are seen in the game and giving them a bigger purpose other than just searching for holy relics.

Being able to travel to the first era was something completely unexpected. Seeing their interpretation of how first era Cyrodiil would have looked like was a sight to behold. Especially with how the Ayleid settlements would have looked during the height of Ayleid civilization prior to their downfall. The boats were a nice touch as well, especially with how elegance they seemed to ooze. The boats actually remind me of the ending scene in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King where Bilbo was going on the Elven ships to go to the Elven homelands. The boats looked really similar to the ones shown in the movie.

The voice-acting was phenomenal for the most part. A few characters such as The Prophet who makes a reappearance had really odd voices that did not seem to match their character overall. I liked the designs for the characters for the most part, such as the variation in the Ayleid armor and the Alessian army. Some of the Ayleid armor looked a bit odd to me. Their armor was very revealing would be one way to say it. St. Alessia’s design was particularly interesting since she had additions that did not make her appear completely human. Her design kept reminding me of an Egyptian goddess for some odd reason. Which goddess was it though…I think it was Isis that she kept reminding me off. The Egyptian Goddess of magic and life. Not sure if I liked how Pelinal was portrayed to be a self-important prick when you first meet him, it does not seem to suit his title of Crusader who is meant to be known for the humility. However he does apologize for his earlier behavior and makes it up to you by giving you the means to empower the crusader relics to the next level which is awesome.

Speaking about the crusader relics, I really loved the idea of being able to customize the qualities of the relics. You are able to choose whether it is light or heavy armor to suit your needs. Even being able to choose how it appears from looking polished like when it was first forged or the antiquated look that we are all familiar with. This served as my main issue for the mod, the polished appearance made the armor look way too shiny for my liking. When you see the polished version on armor stands, it looks fine and I actually preferred that appearance since it looks new but without the super shiny factor added. So yes, my main issue was dealing with the aesthetics of the crusader armor.

polished crusader, looks fine on the armor stand till…..
you wear it. why is it so damn shiny?! I liked how it looked on the armor stand!

I particularly loved the quest where you undergo a dangerous magical procedure of sorts, to return yourself back to your time. It was a really unique and original idea and the fact you had to pick the safe place to ensure your own survival was super neat, since it ties in with a quest you did earlier on during the mod that seemed rather pointless at the time. Not sure what the dream sequence you experience during that period was meant to be, maybe just to show you what happened during your supposed disappearance or the alternative future if you fail your mission. The last few quests when you manage to return to your time is what really sold the mod for me. Seeing how the Knights of the Nine and especially you are now all wanted villains for crimes you are not guilty for, forcing you all to go to ground and operate secretly to over-throw the false king and prove your innocence. It was a great twist that I enjoyed thoroughly.

Although, I am not sure if I did the final boss fight correctly. I was originally using the sword of the Crusader but it appeared I was not doing any damage to him at all. So at that point, I swapped to another sword to see if it was meant to be a script event or I was meant to harm the enemy which managed to harm him. So I think I ended up breaking the script in that fight by cheating that fight unintentionally when I began using my other sword. However, if I did not use my other sword….using the crusader’s sword would have made that final battle almost never-ending with no clear explanation of how I was supposed to proceed with that final death match.

new digs

The conclusion of the mod was pretty interesting to say the least. With Ocato thanking you and the Knights for over-throwing the tyrant emperor and clearing all of you from the charges placed upon you. He even gives you an interesting proposal which gives the Knights of the Nine a bigger purpose and a new base of operations since your original base is well….let’s say that it saw better days. You accept the proposal and go off to renovate the new base to suit your order and even find someone to restore the Priory of the Nine. Once you do all that, you will get two little side-quests off the bat. One will be when one of your knights approaches you about a strange sighting they been spotting lately at night, and the other is when you check your mailbox and received a letter from Raminus to check out some items that were left behind by your old buddy. Not sure if there are any new side-quests for you to do after though. I have not discovered any yet, and I am still waiting for the Priory to be restored which is taking longer than I initially though, then again it should be expected considering at all the damages that were done. Looking forward to see how the restored Priory will look like.

I do like the fact you are able to customize the castle and your relics, once you finished buying all the upgrades for the castle. That was particularly neat, especially with how you were even given the option to travel back and forth between the different time periods. Time-travelling for the win! Loved the little easter eggs that you could find when you returned back to the first era, those were particularly entertaining. As well, seeing how all the original eight followers you have are now commanders of their own squads. You are able to learn about the squads they command to learn their strengths and weaknesses. You are still able to ask the knights to follow you, but now you can even ask them to assemble their squad to follow you on your adventures.

assemble the minions….no sorry I meant troops.

There was originally planned to be an expansion for this mod, however it never happened. Which is a darn shame since I was looking forward to see what adventures the expansion would have brought to the table, especially since it regarded to the armor of Sotha Sil. Oh well, can’t have everything you want.

Final evaluation: Knights of the Nine Revelation is a fantastically well-designed mod with unique and original quests that interlinks to one another. You are able to travel to the first era and witness the fall of the Ayleids. You are able to customize the relics to your heart’s desire and gain a new base of operations for your knights. The story for the revelation was amazing, even though I got depressed once again about losing a really interesting follower. The polished version of the armor is a little too shiny for my tastes but I can live with that. Saddening that the expansion to the mod never happened since I would have loved to play that as well, to see where things went after the conclusion of this story-line. Not sure if I agreed with how revealing the ayleid armor is, although I notice that most people make the ayleids wear very revealing armor for some reason. I figured the ayleid armor would be highly similar to the Elven armor seen in vanilla Oblivion, and that the  would be wearing something more practical, that covers their body rather than leaving almost nothing to the imagination. No issues encountered in this mod, other than  a strange clipping issue for the kitchen door in the guest house. Highly recommend for people to play this mod if they happen to have the official KOTN plug-in. It is a great playing experience which adds so much more to the Knights of the Nine. Be sure to read the description to make sure you meet the requirements and to avoid any mod conflicts.


2 thoughts on “Oblivion Mod: Knights of the Nine Revelation

  1. Ayleid armor is revealing because it can be. Elven armor is not like human armor or dwarven armor. Humans and dwarves make armor out of various materials and then put a bit of magic into it. Elves make armor out of various magics and then put a bit of material into it. There is nothing “impractical” about it; Elven armor is usually the best armor you can get. This has been a convention of “swords and sorcery” type storylines since Tolkien; recall the elven-crafted fine chainmail shirt that Frodo wore? Light and as supple as cloth but able to stop a spear jab from a cave troll without even leaving a bruise.
    Strapping an inflexible, incredibly heavy, and totally uncomfortable metal shell onto yourself just before engaging in close-quarters combat where speed and agility are essential is what’s impractical. 😀

    • That is very true and I agree with you. It was just a manner of personal opinion and taste when I was commenting on the armor for the mod. Although to be honest, I have forgotten how the armor looks like now….so I can’t really comment much on that. I am not a fan of heavy ‘tin-can’ armor since I prefer light armor when I play games personally. It just felt like female armors from mods tend to feel very sexualized..? Then again, like you said “because it can be” so I suppose I couldn’t really complain much. As I said earlier, it was just a matter of personal preferences >.<"

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