Oblivion Mod: Armageddon

Hello! Yes, I am still alive and no I don’t have an acceptable excuse for my disappearance. Why did I disappear? Well, I decided to make a new character and apparently I found a couple game-breaking bugs which forced me to restart the new character twice. It’s okay, I now have a backup save now. Okay, onto the review!

Armageddon is a quest-mod that adds a new joinable faction to the world of Oblivion. Or two, as the second faction does not have any quests relating to it.

To begin the quest, you need to find the headquarters of the Templar Knights, which is found north-east of Leyawiin or directly north of Nocturnal’s shrine if you have found the daedric shrine. Enter inside and be met by the Templar Master, and begin your quest. Well, the first quest focuses more on the Templar Knights and the strange happenings going on. The second quest relates to the first quest has been leading up towards and now falls to you to stop.

The voice-acting was good, some of the voices suited the characters they were portraying. Most of the voices were nice and clear, the only two issues with the voices I had were one of the npcs had a really soft voice and it was hard to understand what Tsyrkis  was saying.

The quests themselves, are a little slow during the beginning. Consisting of menial tasks, and a lot of running back and forth between places. The pace begins to pick up when one of your brothers has gone missing and you are now trying to solve mysterious ritualistic murders. The whole process of constantly going back and forth was rather tedious, although it is understandable since you have to report back to your superior and told you are not allowed to leave the headquarters without permission. I felt the one particular quest involving the Orge spotted near the roads was going to lead to something more. Especially with how the npc mentions the Orge is actually intelligent and is able to see omens. Perhaps that mission is meant to serve as a foreshadowing of the future events in the quest. I was also hoping for a quest to lead more into the ominous seer who resides in a haunted fort. Edit: I checked and there is indeed a small quest once you return to the headquarters. You can recruit two new members into the order and give them promotions. It appears this small quest is not successfully completed since even though you found all the potential members, it will remain in your quest log instead of being completed. Also, you can’t really dismiss your followers so you will have to tell them to wait in a designated area of your choice.

I do like the armor and weapons given by the mod. I was really intrigued by the armor and weapon design for Tsyrkis. I just find it slightly odd how the helmet was designed. There is a gap to enable the player to see through the helmet, but it looks odd. Perhaps putting a visor or making it a fully closed helmet would be better. The Teutonic Knights had a particularly helmet design, although their gear was mostly a re-colored version of the Templar Knights’ gear. Which was a shame, I did hope for a bit more variation between the two orders. I did like how the brood cage was used as a way to hold the heart.

The Otherworld’s design gave me mixed feelings. It was typical of the planes of Oblivion but this was explained as Tsyrkis being a Daedra Lord. However the design was confusing since it is not clear of where you were meant to go. You go one direction and find out it doesn’t necessarily lead to anywhere and the other path that I ended up taking was more complicated than necessary. I do not think I took the intended path meant to reach the tower. I do like the unique look given to the skeletons or Tsyrkis’ minions as they were named. Their model seems to be taken from the dark guardian skeleton model.

The quest-line is rather short which can be disappointing to some people. I was hoping a bit more length, or maybe a small quest that regards the aftermath of the events. Like perhaps, you can give orders to your second-in-command to recruit new members or something. However, overall the mod was solid. Little slow-paced in the beginning but you are soon thrust into a murder conspiracy filled with ominous omens.There seems to be nothing else to do once you finish the quests, at least not that I am aware.


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