Minecraft Ice Tundra Seed

So two nights ago, I decided to get back into Minecraft by starting a new survival world. Not liking the first two worlds I spawned in, I decided to give one last try before I ended up in this current minecraft world. I usually do not end up in snowy biomes, much less in an ice-tundra biome.

While exploring, I found a little natural cove nearby which I immediately took over as my home-base. I did use creative mode to quicken the process of building my little abode while trying to keep the cove’s natural shape as much as possible.

Here are some pictures of the landscape and my little dwelling, I’ll also include a screenshot which shows direction you need to go to find the snowy ice-spiked tundra from the spawn point.

World Seed: 71299622492861061

Edit: There is even an igloo with a hidden room as well! It can be found at the follow coordinates: x: 557 z -337. Thanks to Krepedo for the info!


8 thoughts on “Minecraft Ice Tundra Seed

  1. Hey love the seed btw theres a full igloo with a secret room in it as well, the cords are x 557 and z -337 so you could add that to the seed info

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