Oblivion Mod: Quest for the Elements

Quest for the Elements is a very short quest mod, which begins by talking to a dunmer npc named Alex who can be found loitering near the Bravil Chapel. Which is not an Elven name at all.

Once you find Alex, he will tell you that he needs your help to retrieve the elemental stones. Upon retrieving the elemental stones, you are to journey to the individual elemental lighthouses to restore the balance of the elements on Tamriel. However, a mysterious ghostly figure named only: Wise One appears to you, and tries to convince you to stop your quest in lighting the towers and that you are making a grave mistake.

Each element has its own set of challenges associated with it. The wind element will test your logic while the element of fire will test both your combat prowess and speed. The water element will most likely be the biggest pain in the butt for most players. Unless you get rid of the water fog or use a mod that changes water to be clear. I think the hardest one was definitely the water element challenge to get the water elemental stone in the first place. Since I could hardly see what I was doing, which did not help at all when I was trying to figure out what I was meant to do.

After you get the stones from the temple, Alex sends you to the different elemental lighthouses to light them up. Each lighthouse has a different challenge but follows the same layout for each tower, with the exception for the wind lighthouse where it has a small corridor which holds an important clue regarding to the challenge. I do like how each of the temples have a little unique item related to its element. Well, not really an item but most of the bonuses (since I see them as a bonus) are armor while the earth elemental bonus is a staff.  The chest-piece that you get from the fire elemental is a little hard to get since it doesn’t appear till after you lit the fire elemental lighthouse.

I am impressed that the mod maker put invisible walls surrounding the cage holding the floating platform, so you could not cheat if you have high acrobatics. I actually did try to cheat out of curiosity and to see whether there was anything to prevent you from jumping over the cage.

It was rather obvious to see where the plot of the quest was heading. I do like the boss fight at the end, since the boss has different forms he shifts into. The ending was alright, you get a nifty item which boosts a single set of skills associated with either combat, magic or stealth. However, it is a single use item so it will disappear forever.  Relatively short depending on your playing style, however it is not too difficult to get through the challenges. The fire lighthouse might offer a bit of a challenge where you need to find switches to prevent a bomb from exploding, but thankfully you have four minutes to find them before that happens.Actually, four minutes is plenty of time. You get bonus gear if you manage to find them with a valuable final reward (value may change depending on your character’s stats).


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