Paper Sorcerer

So while on YouTube, I came across a small playlist of a Let’s Play for Paper Sorcerer. An indie game developed by Ultra Runaway Games. Curious about the game, I decided to check the video out which in turn got me interested enough to check the game out on the Steam Store. Seeing the price was less than $5, I figured that I might as well buy it and give it a shot. I was not expecting to end up getting so addicted to it, suddenly I found myself already playing the game for just over 4 hours on the first day alone.

The game was funded by Kickstarter if I remember correctly, and eventually had enough votes on the Steam Greenlight to get sold on Steam as well. There is also plans to release the game for the Mac and Linux platforms. It might have already been released actually now that I think about it. Paper Sorcerer is sold on Steam for less than $5, and for that price the game is an absolute steal. There are even different difficulty settings where the hard and 1980’s difficulty will repeatedly punish you without mercy.

The game begins with the story of how you ended up in the magical book prison. The twist is that, you are not the hero trapped in the book. You are actually a renegade and evil sorcerer who was imprisoned by the King and his select group of heroes. Awakening in the cell, you get help from a quirky and mysterious figure. Upon leaving, you head your way to the sanctuary where you begin the journey to free yourself from your prison. However, you need to remain wary as there are multiple enemies whom roam through the dungeons to prevent you from reaching your goal. There is more than one force at work within the magical prison.

I really loved the old-school RPG style of the game. The artwork of the game was just so astounding, and that everything was hand-drawn gives it a real old-school feeling. The visual aspects are rather minimal, you won’t even see the enemies. They will appear to you as a large black smoke, or you may not even see them at all since some enemies are so sneaky that you will never detect them.

All enemies are varied and has different attack styles. You will have no idea what they are going to do, meaning no battle is ever the same and unpredictable. Hence, why this game places emphasis on the strategy and tactics aspect. You have to plan your battles out or you will find yourself struggling or failing in your quest to escape the prison. Do not fret as you are able to have a small but unique party of minions or thralls to aid you in your quest. Your active party has only three slots but you are able to swap the members around to suit your purposes. Be warned though, you are only able to summon your thralls once and they will be a permanent member of your group. Choose the members wisely, as each member has their own special skill set. For my party, I currently have the Minotaur, ghost, cultist and killer puppet (who is now un-summoned). I am still debating whether I should had gone with the Werewolf instead of the Minotaur or whether I should had sacrificed the puppet to send for a different thrall.

At the sanctuary, you are able to sell your various items to the vendor and buy much-needed gear. Although, you are more likely to find the better gear while you are clearing the dungeon levels. There is also a skill trainer who will train your party in various skills….for a hefty price. There is also a mysterious old man who will teleport you to catacombs where you can find valuable treasures if you can defeat the undead whom roam there. You also get a nice little room for yourself where you can rest. Resting is particularly important since it will rejuvenate your entire party, even reviving party members who perished during battle. There are also various fellow prisoners roaming the place whom offer clues about the current dungeon block you are going through. Each dungeon block or cell has four levels, the fourth level ending with a boss fight.

The soundtrack for the game is rather amazing. I really enjoyed the soundtrack for the game, the fact that the soundtrack changes for each location was a great bonus. Although, the soundtrack probably won’t be pleasing to everyone.

If you love first person dungeon-crawler games with RPG elements, with the emphasis on strategy and tactics then Paper Sorcerer will give you many hours of fun. The story line of the game so far is brilliant. The game won’t even take much space up in your hard-drive. With the low price, the game is a real steal. Just remember to save often though. You can play the demo on Ultra Runaway Games official site, or even purchase the game through their site or your preferred method provided by the site.


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