Ancient Aliens: The Roots of Sound

Ancient Aliens: The Roots of Sound is a classic adventure point and click adventure game based on the Ancient Aliens theory. It revolves around the adventures of Chet Gasbag, a trumpet player who is thrust into a world of adventure and conspiracies after the sudden and mysterious death of his estranged father.

Gameplay is straight-forward being a point and click game. The game length is a bit short but with the promise of release for the remaining two chapters, one can assume that chapter one serves as a prologue. Miguel Santos, the game’s developer has confirmed that there are plans to release the rest of the chapters but the release date is uncertain. Hopefully the future chapters have more action-adventure and delve further into the conspiracy and mystery surrounding the research that Chet’s father was involved with, and the mysterious Helvetius Foundation that is following Chet.

I did enjoy the game despite the short length, and do certainly look forward to the future release of the other chapters. The puzzles were great and some had ingenious solutions, although there are times of frustration. Mostly because it is so unclear of what you are meant to do, it is so easy to miss the items you need to solve the puzzle. Although I have noticed that most of the comments for the game seem to relate to two main puzzles that stumped players: Chet’s rooms and how to escape the hotel room. There is a walk-through for the game that is written and with a video to aid players.

The game does have great artwork, if I recall correctly the backgrounds were hand-drawn. I always enjoy when the game’s visuals are hand-drawn, I think it adds a unique element and feeling to a game. Not to mention that the hand-drawn visuals are always amazing.

The ending cut scene is a little too long for my taste, since you could not quicken the pace so you are forced to endure the slow pace. I ended up skipping it since that was the only other option.


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