Patchwork is a short point and click game revolving around two characters: Daniel, a scientist about to test his teleportation device and Lin, a young mage who is studying for her magic exam by attempting to summon a small demon. By sheer coincidence, the events (testing the teleportation and summoning a demon) at the same time has caused a time rift.

Daniel is now trapped in a world of magic where science does not exist, and Lin has a strange creature appearing in her house instead of the expected demon and part of her home has been replaced with strange infrastructure. Both now have to figure a way to repair the time rift that they have inadvertently caused.

I enjoyed the story, especially when changing between characters changes how the character views the world. For example, Lin can see elemental spirits so what Daniel perceives to be a tree is actually a tree spirit to Lin. As well, you are using the character’s skills to aid your quest to close the time rift. Such as using Lin’s ability to use magic interact with elemental spirits and using Daniel’s power of logic and technology (mainly a cellphone).

images belong to Ilyich

The only problem with this game was how short the game was. I really wanted the game to be longer since I enjoyed exploring the magical world of Lin. It would be nice to see some of Daniel’s world since you were just limited to the teleportation room. Perhaps bit more length to see how the time rift affected Daniel’s world since it brought magic into his world, and seeing if technology has affected Lin’s world in any way. The graphics for the game was just staggering . Very beautiful. Gave the feeling of an interactive painting. Do play Patchwork, it is worth a play despite the short length.


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