Steam Music Beta – Thoughts

As much of you know already, Steam Music has begun the close beta testing. Invites to test the beta are sent in waves to randomly selected members of the group. You can express your interest in being a beta participant by joining the official Steam music group.

Still kind of amazed I even got an invitation to the beta

Other users whom aren’t big fans of using the Big Picture mode will still have to wait for the desktop interface to be released. Here are my experiences with the beta so far:

  • Interface is simplistic and easy to use, a little bland though. Perhaps giving users the option to personalize the music player would be great.
  • Having to use Big Picture is a pain in the butt since I do not use Big Picture, but it would be fantastic if Valve focused on the basic steam overlay first. Although, it does make sense why they made this feature available for Big Picture first. However they are working on the desktop interface so I will be looking forward to that.
  • The music set up can take a particularly long time if you happen to have a large music library which could potentially cause Steam to crash when trying to load a ton of album artwork at the same time.
  • Organization is not the best. So far you can only organize it by album and artist which can make it look rather disorganized. Especially for me considering when I went by artist, I seemed to have duplicates of artists everywhere which is drove me slightly insane. So having more options to organize the music library would be fantastic.

On a whole, it is still in beta mode but seems to be holding a lot of promise so far. It does have a few things it needs to iron out and add some new features. It is great to be able to listen to your own music or game soundtracks that you bought on Steam while playing your games.


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