Hexxit is a mod-pack available on the technic launcher inspired by the old Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Never played D&D so I would not know. I am just going based on the description given for Hexxit. So if you wondering why posts are going a bit slow this month, now you know why. I been too busy playing Hexxit, exploring dungeons and all that.

Hexxit is more focused on the adventuring aspect compared to the rest of the mods. The world of hexxit is dotted with various dungeons, towering spires, ruins and pirate ships; all waiting for a daring adventurer who is brave or insane enough to accept the challenge. As the dungeons are not easy-pickings, and death will come swiftly to ill-prepared adventurers and dungeon-delvers. If you manage to survive the challenges, the treasures you find…will be worth the danger.

If adventuring is not your style, you can always go in different routes. Tame wild beasts or create your own magical artifacts. However if you do not take risks by delving into the dungeons or risk looting the ill-gotten goods of the pirates, you will never find the rare treasures which can be used to help you in your adventuring or help you craft even more powerful artifacts.

another dungeon tower near the dungeon castle/village filled with swarms of mobs (not a fun time)

Tons of fun so far. I really do enjoy adventuring and trying to find more dungeons so I can grab all the loot. Speaking about that, I do need to make my storage room larger so I can place more chests so I can put all my loot inside. Running out of space again. I been also playing on a server with a friend (and a friend of his) and I quickly find out that I do perfectly fine solo, but once you add someone else in the game with me (even in minecraft) that I will just die repeatedly. Like today, I go through a nether portal to escape the hellblaze spider and there was a army of mobs hanging out near the portal and I died in the same spot repeatedly over four times in the span of less than five minutes. That was…a painful memory. So much agony.

I love the tinker’s construct mod since you can make your own tools out of the materials you choose, which gives the tool different properties. Especially that you can also give it modifications such as auto-repair, extra durability or the ability which steals health from mobs (or players) when you hit them and heal yourself. I do also like the magical staves you can get from the better dungeons mod.

You can download the mod pack from the technic website (or just click the link from the beginning of the post), you can also find out more information on what mods are included in the mod pack.


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