Legends of Ith

Legends of Ith is a free action platformer game. Who is Ith? Doesn’t matter, that is irrelevant. Ith has to collect sixty-four skulls. Sixty-four skulls is a lot of skulls, and why is Ith collecting skulls? Because collecting skulls is healthy for you and skulls are the best. It has nothing to do with the fact that you need to collect those skulls in other to escape the tomb. Sadly though, these skulls fight back and the tomb has plenty of deadly traps.

The combat system was pretty smooth and are tied to the arrow keys. I particularly enjoyed the fact that you could not just mash one button repeatedly to attack enemies. You have to make combinations with the three different attacks and blocking the enemy attacks. Timing is important here since you are fighting in close quarters and if you mess up, you will lose some health.  Do not lose all five hearts however; to lose all five hearts would mean going back to zero and collecting the skulls all over again. The skeleton guardians are not the only dangers you must avoid. The tomb is infested with traps varying from fireball traps to death pits.

Once you get used to the combat system, you will quickly be taking down the enemies with ease. Although at times of desperation, you may press the same attack button twice but end up doing nothing. This mistake caused by a moment of panic or just pressing the wrong key, will cause you to lose a chunk of your health.

The game is not so heartless however. If you are low on health, there is a  way to replenish your rapidly depleting health bar. There are hidden levels that will provide a heart to refill your health. Keep an eye out for the elusive hearts as they could mean the difference between successfully finding all the sixty four skulls or having to restart your skull collecting adventures from scratch.

The longer you play Legends of Ith, the more used you will become with the combat controls and you will quickly start to remember which rooms have skulls and where the skulls located within the room. Tons of fun, quirky music to match your rush to collect all the skulls. Definitely give Legends of Ith a play, just keep an eye on time since time will fly by while playing this game.


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