A Duck Has An Adventure

A duck has an adventure is a hilarious and unique interactive fiction that I recently played. It is actually a hyper-comic adventure game where your main goal is to discover all the possible endings (sixteen in total) of the lives that a single duck can live. While finding all the endings, there are a total of twelve achievements and seven hats to collect as well.

From living a simple life, to become an educated duck or becoming the duck pirate king of the high seas; the possibilities are endless. No wait, it’s not endless since you are limited to three different live paths….with different branching stories that lead to a unique ending. Ignore that! Once you seen one path to the end (e.g pirate path), you are able to zoom back out or go back to the last story branch you were at, to see where that path leads your adventurous duck.

completed story map with all its endings

The game is mouse only so the game-play is extremely simple; as you are mostly just clicking the different panels to continue with the story. The graphics are very simple but it suits the game perfectly.

Very enjoyable. I had a blast exploring the different stories and seeing where the branches led off too. I liked that The Old Man and the Sea reference in the game since I was fond of the book (not so much the movie though for some reason). If you got some time to kill and want to play a quick game, A duck has an adventure is a great choice.


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