Coma is one of my favorite online games that has such a wonderful story with it. Coma revolves around a young boy named Pete, trapped in his subconscious. How he ended up in a coma is unclear. What are these mysterious messages that you keep seeing? Why is there so much fuss about the “dore bell”? Explore Pete’s mysterious subconscious world and come to your own conclusions.

What is a dore bell anyway? I have a hard time trying to figure out if its ‘dore’ or ‘dove’ cause the text in the game makes it difficult to tell what letter that third letter is. If it is actually door bell, then that is an odd way to spell it. Not sure why you would change the spelling of door bell, if it is actually meant to be door bell.

Coma reminds me a lot of the Nevermore series, which is a fantastic online game series. I really recommend you check the Nevermore series out. I should play the Nevermore series again, just mentioning it makes me want to play it again.

For some games, atmosphere is everything; the most important aspect for that game. Coma, being an exploration and adventure game has elements of platforming. However, it also has a great abundance of atmosphere throughout the game. The ambiance of the game is rather melancholic but not to the point where the game feels depressing or too dark. Even the music that plays in the background amplifies the mood of the game. The level of detail put into the levels such as the cryptic graffiti you find during Pete’s adventures was astounding.

The game-play is very smooth using only the arrow keys to move your character around, as well using the mouse the advance through the dialogues. The controls are pretty simple, so you will have the controls down in no time. When you get to the few platform elements in the game, your familiarity with the game controls will aid you greatly. The puzzles are straight-forward and not difficult at all to get through. For the most part of the game, you will be exploring and puzzling your way through the various environments. In some places, you will be using your feathered friend (yes, a bird) to interact with objects out of your reach. Your feathered friend will occasionally have things to say when you reach a certain point of the adventure.

There is nothing in the game that can harm you, so the main point of the game is to keep exploring and reach the conclusion of the game. Although, I am not sure whether going inside a giant worm’s mouth is the best of ideas. Especially running through what appears to be the worm’s stomach acid (that does not hurt you) then getting launched out of the worm’s….well….butt. Not everyday you play a game where you get launched out of a worm’s butt and get an item you need to progress through the next level, also from the worm’s butt. I have to admit, the giant worm’s mouth is traumatic to say the least. Wrong on so many levels.

Coma is a very short game, you will play it from beginning to end in about fifteen minutes or so. Despite the short length: the game sets up the setting of the story, manages to tell an intriguing story from beginning to the end by wrapping things up in an ambiguous but beautiful way. Coma is a great casual game to play when you got fifteen minutes to spare, or just play a beautiful game for the experience.


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