Borderlands 2 Shenanigans

Just a quick little update to give a heads up that posts on the blog may be slowing down a bit. Actually I think it is rather noticeable that the posts have gone rather slow this month.

So the reason that the posts are slowing down is because of the following reasons:

  1. my internet is having issues that is taking a while to resolve
  2. been debating to move my steam library to my other internal hard-drive which means being able to have more games installed, which in turn means being able to review more games in my game library (that is forever being pushed back, on a side-note I should just gotten a larger internal hard-drive)
  3. been busy playing Borderlands 2 since I need to catch up to my friends so we can finish co-op, and that way I can give the Borderlands 2 review

The usual excuses, you know?

I also been playing a lot of Left 4 Dead 2 lately. I haven’t played the game in long while and been having a ton of fun playing it again. I am seriously considering moving my steam library but I haven’t decided yet. I do not look forward to having to re-verify all my games.

Borderlands 2 is providing to be an interesting experience so far. Dying a lot while playing solo which is to be expected. Have to resort to sniping many times. I really need better weapons. Getting there! I do enjoy the custom skins that you can get for your characters and the cut-scenes are pretty great to watch.

So why do I need to play catch up? I had serious lag issues when a friend was hosting and that took a lot of my enjoyment of the game out. Why didn’t I host the game or ask someone else to host? Because then the person who was hosting the game would have serious lag. After quitting the game, I just ended up ignoring the game cause I had no motivation to play it. Now I got the motivation and making surprisingly good progress to catch up with them. Three more missions to go and I would have caught up to them. I would not be surprised if I was lower leveled compared to them.

I just finished the mission where you need to rescue a member of the Crimson Raiders. The mission took me a lot longer than I thought. Mostly because I got side-tracked by side-mission then finally because I kept dying a lot. So in the end I resorted to just running straight to the quest marker. No one ain’t got time for all that heavy fighting crap. Not to mention I was seriously low in ammo in all my weapons which….basically consisted two snipers and a shotgun. Not the ideal situation to be in, especially if you are out of ammo for those weapons. Totally not goofing off either by having fun driving the car around and doing power slides. Or jumping off random buildings and other high places….that would just be taking advantage of the fact you do not take fall damage.

Other than that, I am just trying to get my internet fixed so it is stabilized once more. If I do decide to move my steam library then things will definitely be slowed down. Do not fret however, I do have a freeware game that I intend to play and review soon.


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