Progress report?

So quick update of what has gone on. From…like last night. Sudden escalation but that’s fine. Well not really a sudden escalation. ANYWAY, moving on!

I finally made a decision about in regards of whether to move my steam installation from one internal hard-drive to another. I decided to move the installation so I can have more room for games and be able to play some of the games stuck in the waiting list. So that internal hard-drive that I have moved steam will now be solely for Steam and other games that I download.

My internet is still on the fritz but I already contacted my ISP, and they are sending a group of technicians to check that out. I also may or may not have accidentally killed my internet modem completely today by accident. It’s fine however cause I fixed it already. Kinda….sort of, either way I am sure the technicians will sort that out. Hopefully.

On that note, I need to remind myself to not mess with the internet modem from now on. I am now going to go find a way to burn this excessive amount of sugar. If you are wondering why I am running on a sugar high, it is because I had to wake up at three in the morning to go on an equally long drive for family matters. I am not a morning person. At all.

*hisses at the morning sun*


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