Heritage is an indie game that is available on both windows and linux platforms. I cannot remember exactly how I heard about this game. I think it was from watching someone on YouTube play the game, although I did not watch the entire video. The game was created by BLF-Games and SmokeStudio back in 2012.

From the first look of the game’s page, it seems to be a horror game.  At least that was my impression based on some of the images I saw, as well the summary of the game. Actually, I think it was categorized or tagged as horror. Yet I remembered the video did not have much horror elements. Deciding to take a risk, I downloaded the game and played it. Yes, I played it from beginning to end despite my general avoidance to horror games.

Heritage is actually not particularly scary. There is some jump-scares but nothing too terrifying that will have you running away from your computer screaming. In my opinion, the scares were meant to unnerve you as you solved the puzzles to unlock your grandmother’s will/legacy. Based on the ending of the game, I kind of figured that the scares were meant to be from your grandmother giving you clues. As I said, that is just my interpretation of the events in the game. Not to sure about the scare from the basement, that might be from your grandfather who was not too pleased about what your grandmother was doing down there.

The game’s length will vary depending on your play-style and whether you get stuck trying to figure puzzles out. I got stuck on the hyper-cube puzzle since I do not recall anything in the house actually giving you a clue on how to solve it, I solved it by guessing. Not the best method but it works when all else fails. That or rage quit, either way works I suppose.

The game’s controls is a little awkward to work with at times. Like you look at the first note you see, but you have to interact with it at least twice before it shows up in your notebook. I found that a little odd, since it becomes a little tedious having to interact with items more than once to make sure the note shows up in your notebook. Another problem area was trying to get down into the hidden basement. When you climb down the ladder, you will find that you cannot get off the ladder. I thought I was stuck or that my game was glitched till I tried crouching. You have to crouch to get off the ladder which I found extremely odd since you are not given any indication to do that.

Other than that, the controls were pretty fine. Key-bindings can be awkward for some players such as myself since I am used to inventory being binded to the letter ‘I’ rather than tab. So I recommend to taking look at the controls to make sure you know how to interact with items in the game and such. My first try involved me diving straight into the game and regretting not looking at the controls. I also glitched the second try when I made the flashlight disappear from the game, just a heads up do not combine the flashlight to the battery or you will be stuck without a flashlight. It was a misclick, do not judge.

The puzzles have a great concept, especially how it relates back to this idea of the 5th dimension. It was interesting to see how the concept of the afterlife and the multiple dimensions (particularly the 5th dimension) plays an important role to the puzzles. They provided a bit of a challenge but not too difficult if you read the clues carefully. Except for the hyper-cube puzzle maybe since I never figured what the clue for that puzzle was, but figured everything else out.

Fantastic puzzles. Some scares in the game but not too terrifying. Controls and character movement in the game can be awkward at times. Intriguing ideas in regards to the multiple dimensions and its links to the afterlife. Seems to be more puzzle based rather than horror in my opinion. I had fun figuring the puzzles out. If you enjoy puzzle games in general and do not  mind a little bit of horror elements, Heritage is a great pick.


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