We have internet!

So we got the internet working again. Turns out the internet router was having issues, luckily I had a spare router which I already set up. Let’s hope that no other issues arise in regards to the internet.

The current games page has been updated. Now that I have moved the steam installation, I have tons more space for games. I will try to start playing more games and get the reviews going. Although Borderlands 2 will be taking a bulk of my time.

Portal 2 has been re-installed since I always was curious about the player-made maps uploaded to the steam workshop. If you guys are interested, I can upload reviews of the custom single and co-op maps I play for Portal 2.

Yes, I know Skyrim has been on hold forever but I do intend to play it again. I had to reinstall Skyrim since something went wrong in the transfer. Now that I think about it, I think it was good that I had to do a clean reinstallation. It means I can install mods that I really want to keep and I will just install the important ones like SKSE (skyrim script extender) such as, then try to get through the main quest as fast as I can. Once the main quest is out-of-the-way, I can focus on the dlcs (as long nothing goes wrong with that) and do the other guild quests and side-quests at my leisure. Speaking about that, I seriously need to complete Fallout: New Vegas for once. Always so close then I end up getting distracted by other games….which leads me to remember that I never did finish Mass Effect 3. Good god, I have a ton of games I need to get through. I do not remember what happened with ME3 that made me lose motivation to finish it.

On another note, let me know what games you are interested in seeing reviews for. A link to my steam profile is on the blog, check it out and tell me what games I should play. Or if you want, you can add me on steam. Whichever works.


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