First Impression: Edna & Harvey: The Breakout

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout is a very quirky point and click game made by Daedalic Entertainment. The game originally started out as a university project in Germany and received a great reception but the English version had mixed cause of the sloppy translation. Although so far during my play-through of the game has shown no issues with the English translation, unless the game had been updated at some point in the last year.

Admittedly, I have yet to finish the game but I am close to completing it. That is what I feel anyway since I made more progress today than the first two hours of my play-time. Which was like an extra hour. I really need to get on top of all the games I have so I can get a more regular schedule of when I post my reviews. I’ll let you guys know when I finish the game (through this post). I am enjoying the game rather tremendously so far though. The comic book style art takes a while to get used too though.

It  is a point and click so the controls is pretty much a no-brainer, along with usual options to interact with your environment in various ways (talking, picking objects up…etc). At occasions, trying to enter new areas (usually climbing upstairs) can be bit aggravating at times. You have to click within an acceptable area otherwise Edna walks off into a corner or goes like miles away from where you wanted her to go. Today, I was trying to proceed to the main hallway from the basement and Edna refused to go up the stairs. Instead she decided the corner of the hallway was a lot more interesting that going back upstairs to learn how to forge signatures.

The story-line of the game so far is proving to be quite intriguing, filled with mystery and plot twists. Along with conspiracy, cannot forget that there is a dark conspiracy going on in the story surrounding Edna and the tyrant doctor (Dr. Marcel). Did I mention that the game takes place in a mental asylum? No? Well, now you know. You happened to be accompanied by your stuffed blue rabbit called Harvey, who has the ability to ‘tempomorph’ you into the past to relearn lost skills or recover lost memories. This ability only works if you show Harvey an object with a powerful memory attached to it. Oh, another thing….Harvey can also talk.

In your quest to escape the asylum, you will meet a variety of characters. Ranging from guards that try to keep you in the asylum to fellow patients. Your fellow patients can provide clues that will aid in your escape, although you will quickly see that they are interesting characters themselves. Your fellow patients include a man in a bee-suit, Adrian the king of the recreation room and a man talking into a broken payphone supposedly in deep conversation with his ‘stock-broker’.

In summary, lots of puzzles for you to get through before you can make the great escape. Some of the puzzles are little hard since the solution is not entirely clear, and you will be back-tracking around the facility quite a fair bit before you get out. The various characters Edna and Harvey encounter are unique with their own back-stories and personalities. The mystery surrounding your memory loss gets more complicated each time Edna recovers another missing memory, and the conspiracy of why Dr. Marcel is so dedicated to erasing your memories thickens.


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