Custom Portal 2 Test Chamber: Penrose 01 – Introductory Science

Penrose 01 – Introductory Science is a custom testing chamber made by Fourth Reaper. It is part of a series of custom testing chambers that he is creating, so far it has only three maps with the fourth one in the works. This post is also to serve to gauge whether you guys (the readers) would be interested in seeing more reviews on player-made testing chambers for portal 2. So please, I do encourage sending feedback by either leaving a comment or sending an email to me (info on the contact page).

Penrose 01 is to serve as an introduction (hence its title) to the mechanics that you will be seeing in the rest of the series. The series will be using a new type of portal known as the surface division fields (or world portal according to Reaper). I think it is new since I haven’t played many custom test-chambers so I have not seen all the various portal types. Well, I suppose you are able to make your own portal types and add them into the test chambers. Seeing different kind of portals is always great, adds a new element to the game and new ways to solve puzzles. As well adding more events of where you get stuck/mind-blown and regretting everything. Okay, not everything but you get the point.

Since it is ‘introductory science’, the testing chamber is not particularly hard. It might prove to be a little confusing as you try to figure how to reach the exit. Once you understand the mechanics, you will not have much trouble understanding what you need to do and how to solve the puzzle. Length is on the short side, wish it was a bit more longer so you can have better understanding of the mechanics, despite it being straight-forward.


The testing rooms seem to be reminiscent to the older days of aperture laboratories when the dearly beloved Cave Johnson still ruled the facility. Mostly due to the visuals such as that office you see in the above screenshot, hiding in the upper left corner. It does make you wonder how Aperture looked like during its more….glorious eccentric days when Cave Johnson was alive and running the place. In my vision of how it would look like, it would be very similar to how the testing chambers look like in above screenshot.

The concept of surface division fields is pretty interesting. At first I thought it was like time-travel field which took you to different times. Only to realize I had the wrong idea. I am not entirely sure how to describe my thought process so I am just going to ramble and pray you guys get some idea. Basically, the portals separate the room into two different dimensions. Going through the field will show you a completely different perspective within the same room. One side of the room may have a companion cube, but going to another side of the field will show you the exit room but inaccessible to you.

Looking forward to finishing the other two maps in the Penrose series. Hope to see that Fourth Reaper releases the upcoming fourth test-chamber map soon as well. Let us hope that I can finish the series without being too mind-blown.


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