Borderlands 2

FINALLY, the long-delayed review of Borderlands 2 has arrived. That means that I have now completed the first (or normal) play-through for Borderlands 2 and playing on True Vault Hunter mode. My god, that took like 50 hours total to get there. Add like several hours for random shenanigans and failing like an utter noob. To the review we go!

Borderlands 2 continues from where the events of Borderlands 1 left off. It is now several years into the future after the vault’s opening and Hyperion now has a strong-foot hold on Pandora. The original vault hunters from Borderlands 1 are now labelled as wanted criminals by Hyperion’s leader Handsome Jack. Your journey as the new generation of vault hunters does not begin well considering the train you happen to be riding on blows up. Spoilers.

After Jack gives you his obligatory “let’s blow the train up” welcome, you set off on a quest to aid the resistance to free Pandora from Jack’s dictatorship and find out his true intentions with the vault key, while finding some truths about a certain A.I among many things.

Many things are changed in Borderlands 2 such as the inventory interface. It is more streamlined, allowing you to mark items as either trash (to make selling easier) or favorites so they do not disappear from your inventory. The various guns in the game now have a new upgraded look such as Jakobs now no longer use wood in their guns. You also are able to personalize your character with custom skins and heads, the same applies to the cars. Oh and some things remain the same….like claptrap being forever alone.

More new characters means more quests. So many quests that my ocd kicks in and demands I complete them all, no matter what. Even if I die repeatedly and feel like rage quit. Although, I am not sure but it does feel like the story-line for Borderlands 2 is shorter compared to its predecessor. Maybe it is just me.

I do enjoy the quests a lot more in Borderlands 2, but then again I always have a great time since I play with friends. If only I had the dlcs for Borderlands 2 since I heard they are good as well. I wish I wasn’t so broke all the time. Speaking about quests, I do notice from time to time that when I try to ride elevators or going through the transition between areas that I glitch out. Like the screenshot below.

Borderlands 2 provides a lot of hours of fun. Bring a friend or friends along and it will provide double the fun due to all the shenanigans and misadventures you can get into. If you are able to, try getting the dlcs that add more quests to Borderlands 2 since they will provide more gaming time. Claire, I am still upset that you left me to fight that Hyperion Slaughterhouse solo for four entire rounds cause you got yourself killed somehow. You deserved that nuke turret that I threw at you.


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