Penrose 02: Room Dislocation Association

Penrose 02: Room Dislocation Association is a continuation of the Penrose series by Fourth Reaper. Using the concept of surface division portals, if I remember correctly which you need to use in order to successfully complete the puzzle. Although I suppose it is actually more like a field rather than a portal. I am going to change, instead of the format I used in the previous custom testing chamber review, I am going to use the review format for the Left 4 Dead 2 custom maps/campaigns I play

This is an experimentation as I try to figure which format would work best for these kinds of reviews, especially if I intend to carry on doing reviews for player-made testing chambers. As usual, I urge you guys to leave a comment and let me know what you guys think!


  • great level design as usual –kept to the theme already shown in the introductory chamber
  • visual aesthetics were great as usual – although some variation would be a nice change
  • test chamber leaves you wanting more due to the short length


  • length is extremely short – if you have played the introductory chamber (map?), you will be able to solve this testing chamber with minimum issues
  • the testing chamber seems far too easy – it didn’t provide as much of a challenge as I would have hoped especially with the great potential and minor challenge the introductory map showed. I thought the introductory map was a lot harder
  • found the invisible excursion funnel glitch – could be fixed by moving portals and replacing the companion cube on the button once more

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