Borderlands 2 DLC: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep

After concluding the true vault hunter mode on Borderlands 2, Claire and I got bored playing the main quest-line. So we bought ourselves some Borderlands 2 DLCs to entertain ourselves with (and pushing more games I got waiting further behind). We began our misadventures with Tiny Tina’s Assault of Dragon Keep which adds a new fast travel location and bunch of new campaign quests.

This probably will end up becoming my favorite DLC out of the four or five DLCs we bought. Why? Because it was just loaded from beginning to end with references to a bunch of movies, games, tv shows and you get the idea. It just added so much sheer hilarity due to the references, like that Game of Thrones reference. Not forgetting that some of the dialogue you hear in the conversation is hilarious, but I found the references funnier than the dialogue.


The plot revolves around the remaining original vault hunters playing a game of Bunkers & Badasses as they wait for the other vault hunters finish interrogating a Hyperion spy. Tina is playing as Bunkmaster, thus playing as the narrator for the campaign. The overall idea is that you need to rescue the queen from the evil sorcerer, hence restoring peace to the island.

I find it a little odd that you are playing a representation of a medieval board game that have enemies like: skeletons, paladins and archers but you use guns, rocket launchers and such to defeat them. It didn’t bother me a whole great deal. I would rather if they tried to use medieval weaponry, have the vault hunters complain to Tina who then allows them to use their guns. It would make more sense to me since you just enter with guns in a world of swords and magic.

Plenty of new enemies as you can tell by the mention of skeletons and what not. Did I mention there are also dragons, walking trees and basilisk? No? Well there you go. The enemy I hated the most? No, it was not the spiders or skeletons. Nothing like that. It was the evil mimic chest. Anyone play Dark Souls or D&D (dungeons and dragons for those who don’t know)? Those things are evil. I have trust issues now because of them. All I wanted to do was open a weapon chest to see the contents and suddenly I see this most horrifying sight. A massive mouth right in front of my face and attacking me. I have to admit, I pretty much shrieked cause I was not expecting that at all.


Now, I do not dare touch any of the weapon chests in the dlc unless it’s those red chests where you pay eridium to roll the dice. You need eridium to complete some quests so be sure to save some up for the dlc.

I do like how they  kept to the fantasy medieval theme in the campaign, particularly the vending machines. They look amazing. The variety of locations in the campaign was staggering: ranging from graveyards, Dwarven mines to the tower of the evil sorcerer himself. Interesting how familiar faces in the Borderlands world reappear in the story, some even wear apparel suiting the fantasy theme. Not sure if I liked Angel’s portrayal within the campaign but it was Tina’s story after all.

If you happen to own Borderlands 2, I highly recommend buying Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. It is a hilariously fantastic dlc campaign. If you got any of the references, you will end up laughing at them. Besides, who does not want to shoot dragons down with sniper rifles, rocket launchers and what not?


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