Borderlands 2 DLC: Mad Moxxi’s Wedding Massacre

Mad Moxxi’s Wedding Massacre is the second dlc that was completed recently. Relatively short. New skins and new player head customization were added in this head hunter pack. The story revolves around the two warring clans (Hodunks and Zafords) you’ve met in Borderlands 2 depending whether you decide to follow Ellie’s side-quests.

Love is in the air! Moxxi has a plan to unite the Hodunks and Zafords through marriage that will stop their feud for good. She enlists your help to ensure that the wedding goes smoothly without any hitches, with questionable ideas from her daughter Ellie. The priest overseeing the wedding proceedings? The innuendobot 500. Surely nothing wrong will happen right? Right?

You proceed throughout the campaign to collect the ingredients needed to make Moxxi’s love potion. You meet various characters such as the ‘star-crossed lovers’ and a robot with self-esteem issues who wishes to rescue his robot girlfriend. Along the way, you will be angering both sides of the clan in attempt to unite the clans. Do Moxxi and the vault hunters succeed in their match-making mission? I’ll let you find that out for yourself.


Amusing set of quests despite the short length. The custom head customization skin is extremely disconcerting, I have to admit. Never using that custom head ever again. Ever.

I enjoyed that little unmarked quest where you can go fishing for threshers. I found that amusing, especially when you actually catch one. The way you reel the thresher in was done in such an overly dramatic way. Well…I don’t think you actually reel the thresher in…it just kind of flies over your head when you catch it.

Quite fun. Very short, I would only get this dlc if you really want the custom skin and heads for your character. Or because you want to do the quests. The quests are entertaining.


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