Qbeh is a game inspired by Portal and Q.U.B.E that is free to download on Desura. It seems to be more heavily inspired by Q.U.B.E rather than Portal based on the game mechanics used in the game. For a student project, the game is extremely well-made and a joy to play.

The game is relatively short with a total of 5 levels or chapters depending on your perspective. Qbeh is played in first person with elements of puzzle platformer, where you have to use the cubes provided by the level to puzzle your way to the exit. Some cubes are hidden so you will need to pay attention to the level to find and reach the cubes.

Everything was amazing about this game: game design, level design and the visual aesthetics. I can’t say much about the music used in the game since I muted that so I could listen to my music while I play. I like listening to my music instead when I do puzzles of any kind.

The jumping in the game uses inertia where you actually had to continuously hold the W key to jump far enough. Letting it go too soon will mean you fall short of your jump and probably fall through a hole in the floor thus restarting the level. Or holding too long will have you overshooting your jump and potentially die. So you need to have the timing to make sure you get the jump just right or you will be redoing the same jump for a while.

The puzzles do increase in difficult but they are not very hard to solve provided you have enough cubes to solve them. I think the difficulty of the puzzles in Qbeh was perfect. Not too hard but not too easy that you will be bored by the puzzles.

The game does pick pace up rather suddenly towards the end of the game. Once you reach the last exit, there is a rather ambiguous ending before fading out with the words: to be begun. Interesting way to end the game, stating to be begun. Certainly an ambiguous ending. Gives the impression that Qbeh will be having a sequel in the future (which will be released on Steam on April 2014) so I will be looking forward to that. Immensely enjoyed Qbeh.


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