Borderlands 2 DLC: Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage

Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage is another in the list of dlcs that I have completed for Borderlands 2. I am still playing the Captain Scarlet dlc but with my co-op partner, I tend to swap between dlcs due to her trying a new characterr (Gaige aka Mechromancer) so the pace has slowed down slightly. So I done the majority of this in co-op (then finishing it solo) while the Scarlet dlc will be done solo till she catches up or asks me to assist her in quests. Although there is a good chance I will finish Captain Scarlet before she returns from her short vacation trip.

The introduction was pretty entertaining, seeing Tannis and Mr. Torgue argue over the name of the carter and how Tannis gives up in the end. Mr. Torgue always got to hijack everything for his own amusement eh? The overall plot is that Tannis has located another vault and in order to open this vault, Tannis says “[once] the champion of Pandora feeds it the blood of the ultimate coward” and she is interrupted by Mr. Torgue who decides to hold a contest to find Pandora’s champion to open the vault.

You enter into the competition and now must fight you way up through the ranks to become the champion. Along your way you will fight rival competitors, meet new and familiar faces who will aid you in your quest to become Pandora’s champion. With Mr. Torgue providing over-the-top commentary that may or may not annoy the hell out of you. I say that because I found his commentary to be extremely annoying at times. I rather Mad Moxxi’s style of commentary during arena death-matches (although I never did finish that Underdome dlc for Borderlands 1, advanced rounds are so long).

image taken from borderlands wikia
image taken from borderlands wikia

However, in order to proceed with in the tournament, you need a sponsor. Your first sponsor turns out to be the current champion of the tournament, however the jerk tricks you and then claims you are a coward. So now it becomes personal, where you need to find a new sponsor before continuing in your mission to defeat the champion so you can claim the right to open the vault and prove that you are not a coward.

The whole dlc was pretty average for me. I enjoyed the Tiny Tina’s dlc a lot more than the Torgue dlc. I do like the story, especially when it gets towards the end where you actually fight the top three in the tournament rankings. Although it was extremely obvious who the ultimate coward was very early on. The side-quests were not too bad, many repeatable quests which increase in difficulty.  I think the side-quest that I really liked was where you took Tina’s “puppy” for a walk, mostly because the mission objectives given were hilarious.

As a whole, the campaign of carnage was alright for me. Did not find it as good as Tiny Tina’s personally, but it had its moments. The story was good despite it being rather obvious.  Wish there was more arena based combat, since we had to get a sponsor far too soon in my opinion and there was not much fighting in the arena other than the beginning, then fighting two rivals (before the last boss). I figured if you were at low ranks in the tournament, then you needed to rise through the ranks before you can noticed and told to find a sponsor. That is just my opinion really. Still wasn’t too bad but did not have the same fun factor as the others that I played so far had.


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